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Analytic 15 - Looking back - seven years of El.pub (Part 2)

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Authoring and the digital revolution
IPR and content management
User centred design, personalisation and VR
Accessing knowledge and the arrival of digital libraries
Interoperability and standards


This edition of Analytic continues last month's look back at seven years of the EL.pub news service and digital media R&D. We finished by noting a number of major themes:

• Authoring tools and methods
• Content management and digital rights management
• User centred design and interfaces
• Multimedia and the web
• Search and access
• Interoperability and standards
• Educational publishing, GIS and other application areas

Cutting across these themes, which are connected closely with the value chain for digital media, are some general ideas that have been an important factor in determining the direction of R&D:

• Media convergence
• The knowledge economy / 'new' economics
• Virtual/augmented reality
• Personalisation
• Digital libraries

In the first of these two articles we suggested that the Web is not an R&D breakthrough but a coming together of a number of earlier trends and that apart from its part in e-commerce it has not had the impact that was at first forecast. In this second part we will look at R&D during the last seven years and whether it is likely to move the Web to a new level.

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