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An open 3-day workshop organised by the IESERV2 project and The Electronic Publishing Development Programme of the Open Society Institute - Budapest sponsored by European Commission DGXIII-E (Lux) and The Open Society Institute - Budapest to be held on 9th-11th May 1999 at Hotel Marina, Balatonfüred, Hungary.

Aims of the meeting

The 5th Framework Programme RTD for Information Society Technologies is open to East European countries through various arrangements (see IST web site for call details). The workshop is organised to enable potential partners from East and West who wish to put together projects in the area of electronic publishing to meet to learn about the programme, about existing EP projects from the 4th Framework Programme and to discuss collaboration.


Powerpoint slides for the presentations by Bernard Smith, CEC, DG XIII/E, Michael Kay, Open Society Institute and a set detailing IST programme procedures are available to download from the IESERV2 website, from the ftp link given. The slides have been PC zipped and the size of the zipped file for download is given in brackets.

There is a Directory of Participating Companies and Organisations, sorted by country on the OSI web site. The OSI conference page also includes a few links to additional related resources.

URL: Directory http://www.osi.hu/ep/im99/directory.htm
URL: OSI conference page http://www.osi.hu/ep/im99/

Sunday, 9 May

10.30 Registration and coffee

10.30-10.45 Introduction and welcome from conference chairman, David R Worlock

10.45-11.30 Keynote Speech: Esther Dyson

Setting the scene:

11.30-11.50 Session 1: European Commission speaker - DG XIII
11.50-12.10 Session 2: European Commission speaker - DG I/International
12.10-12.30 Session 3: Open Society Institute (Michael Kay)

12.30-13.00 Question and answer session

Case histories of relevant projects/examples of excellence:

14.15-15.15 Three 20-minute presentations of EU-funded projects

1. Costantino Thanos, EUROGATHERER project
2. Isabella Hofstetter, MBLN project
3. Dr. Marshall Young, Mastering The Wired World project

15.45-16.45 Three 20-minute presentations of OSI-funded projects

1. Professor Richard Rose, Tarki project
2. Graham Howard, Distance Learning project
3. Internetto

16.45-17.00 Question and answer session

Monday, 10 May

Business forum sessions:

Three or four parallel streams, each chaired by an experienced facilitator. (facilitators to include Berthold Stuckenbrucker, David Worlock, David Powell and Michael Kay)

Each delegate's organization to be permitted one 15/20-minute slot to:

Present organization's principal products/services
Summarize key competencies/skills
Describe collaborative experiences (if any)
State key area(s) in which would like to find/act as collaborative partner

Rooms available for consortium meetings and for private discussions with prospective partners. Facilities available for product/service demonstrations (including online)

Tuesday, 11 May

Next steps:

10.00-11.00 Summary of rules and procedures; help/support facilities: DG XIII speaker

11.00-12.00 Chairman's summation, David R Worlock

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