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A free email alerter of the latest news items and associated URLs.

The aim of this page is to link to sites, that the editor finds, that are of interest in some way or other to interactive electronic publishing. The page is regularly updated.

Resources on this page

Project Events/Meetings/Conferences/Workshops


Visions of Virtual Reality & Interactive 3D in European Commission Supported Projects Conference
Luxembourg, June 24-25, 2003

INFORM Workshop: "User Needs for Mobile Electronic Information Services"
Athens, Greece, March 20, 2003

INFORM Conference: Mobile Content Services - "Content on the Move"
Utrecht, The Netherlands, March 14, 2003

VR World Congress V
Paris, France, September 10-11, 2002

Interactive Electronic Publishing Conference
Multimedia Content & Tools: Towards Information & Knowledge Systems"
London, UK, May 30-31, 2002

Interactive Electronic Publishing Workshop on 6th Framework Programme
Barcelona, Spain, April 23, 2002

FP6 Information Days

IST within FP6 Information Day
Luxembourg, October 23-24, 2002

Concertation meetings

Interactive Electronic Publishing Concertation Meeting
Luxembourg, October 23, 2002

Consultation meetings

Cross Media
Luxembourg, 27 April 2000

Personalising Content
Luxembourg, 19 May 2000


VR World Congress II
Barcelona, 27-29 June, 2001

EVA 2001 - "Electronic Imaging in the Visual Arts"
Florence, March 26-30, 2001 (IPR session)

Multimedia Contents and Tools "Open House" event
Luxembourg, 25-26 September, 2000

VR Futures: Awareness & Exploitation Workshop
London, 29 March, 2000

VR World Congress I
Brussels, 5-7 July, 1999

"Electronic Publishing in the 5th Framework Programme" Workshop
Luxembourg, 20 May, 1999


"East - West Collaboration in the Development of Interactive Media Products" Conference
Budapest, Hungary, 9-11 May, 1999

"Recent Developments in Standards for Electronic Publishing" Conference
Paris, France, 21 - 22 January 1999

Web Usability and User Validation Workshop
Paderborn, Germany, 15-16 December, 1998

Information Engineering Exploitation Planning Workshop
Brussels, Belgium, 9 July, 1998

The potential of XML for Web-based applications
Sophia Antipolis, France, 23-24 October , 1997

Designing successful websites: quality and usability
London, UK, 16 June, 1997

Other Resources

Information Society web site

Cordis is the The European Commission's Information Society Directorate General (DG) web site which incluses information and links to all the research and development activity carried out under the IST programme.

URL: http://www.cordis.lu

IST Key Action III on CORDIS

IST Key Action III, on Multimedia Content and Tools has its own area on the CORDIS web site. The site has been divided into the following "domains": Interactive Publishing, Digital Culture, Education and Training, Language Technologies, Information Access, and Support Programmes.

In addition, the pages feature links to a wide array of Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme resources including:

URL: http://www.cordis.lu/ist/ka3/home.html

IST Projects online

A tabular list of all projects which have been selected under the Information Society Technologies (IST) programme is available on the Cordis web site. All projects are listed in alphabetical sequence according to their acronym.

Information provided includes brief descriptions of the project, its objectives, the work programme and the partners. with many having additional information.

URL: http://www.cordis.lu/ist/projects.htm

European Commission R&D

Two web sites sponsored by the European Commission are aimed at organisations wishing to enquire about, and potentially exploit, the results of previously funded research projects.


PROSOMA is styled as a "virtual trade fair of new Information Society technologies for business adopters". It plans to provide an Internet and DVD-ROM / CD-ROM multimedia information service on the results of European research projects sponsored by the IST Programme.

A new home page has been launched which features a discussion forum, enhanced search function and also links to the sites of research project partners.


ERGO is a pilot CORDIS service which is promoted as: "Your one-stop shop for European R&D;Project Information". Developed as a service within the Innovation/SMEs Programme of the FP5 - the site offers a search and retrieval service of project information, including project title, abstracts, interim results, contact information.

URL: PROSOMA http://www.prosoma.lu/
URL: ERGO http://www.cordis.lu/ergo/

Asia IT&C Programme

The Asia IT&C (Information Technology & Communications) Programme was a European Community initiative, established to co-finance projects in Information Technology & Communications between European and Asian organisations. With an initial budget of Euro 19 million to fund approximately 100 projects over a five-year period, Asia IT&C will co-finance projects operating in the following eight areas of activity: e-commerce, i-manufacturing, society, education, transport, tourism, agriculture, and health.

It was envisaged that the contribution to be made by the application of IT&C in these specific areas will boost the integration of participating countries and territories into the global Information Society. Project proposals must include at least three partners (with at least two from the EU) drawn from: national and regional organisations, NGOs, research institutes, universities, professional associations, chambers of commerce.

Activities fall under six programme components (each with varying degrees of funding):

Grants are envisaged in the range of 100,000 - 400,000 Euro. Detailed information on potential opportunities for co-financing within each area of activity, guidelines for applicants, along with a partner search facility and the necessary application forms are available on the Asia IT&C web site.

URL: http://www.asia-itc.org/

General external resources

General external resources are listed below, there are also :

• specific resource links on topic pages, see the topic section index: base04.htm
and also in the El.pub Weekly archive, accessed via: base02t.htm
• use the site search for specific searches: search.htm

Sony Broadcast and Professional Europe web resource to help "executives in the converging broadcast, telecoms and IT industries make decisions about the future". The design and coverage of AnycastWorld was determined by an 18-month research programme based on the opinions of 100 executives chosen from the target market. Planned resources include: a "virtual roundtable" which shares thoughts, opinions and advice form "experts",guest articles,analysis of the Sony research programme,online debates and fora,links to further sources of information.
URL: http://www.AnycastWorld.com/

For developers working with Netscape's open Mozilla code a site called Mozdev.org provides resources.
URL: http://www.mozdev.org/

As it claims boldly on its home page, "this site is dedicated to programmers all over the world. Our main goal is to provide a complete start-off for programming related web surfing and file downloading". Developed and maintained by Synchron Data, a Internet Consultant company located in southern Sweden, the site features thousands of free files available (over 9,000 are claimed) for download and over 2600 sorted links to further resources. Subjects covered, too numerous to list here, range from C, C++, C# and Java through to game and web development. Developer news also links to additional articles published online.
URL: http://www.programmersheaven.com/

The School of Information Management and Systems at the University of California at Berkeley has published a study which attempts to measure how much information is produced in the world each year. It looks at "several media and estimates yearly production, accumulated stock, rates of growth, and other variables of interest". An executive summary is available or as the authors say for "the information deprived: read the detailed reports online or download the entire web site as a pdf file. (It is about 100 pages long.)"
URL: http://www.sims.berkeley.edu/how-much-info/

NetFactual runs a web site which provides an interesting array of facts and figures concerning the Internet and the web. The company conducts surveys and publishes interesting snippets cleaned from these on the site.
URL: http://www.netfactual.com/

The Association of Knowledgework is a US-based membership funded organisation comprised of what it calls: "knowledge workers or knowledge managers". Visit the site to get a better understanding of how the Association is attempting to offer a "meeting-place" for knowledge workers who are drawn from across the broad spectrum of professions and work disciplines.
URL: http://www.kwork.org/

Linux2order.com, a US-based web site offering software applications and utilities for the Linux operating system claims to offer the widest selection of downloadable Linux programs on the Internet. The company will guarantee that all applications are the most current versions available. The company will also ship software on CD, should customers require it.
URL: http://www.linux2order.com/

The Centre for Information Quality Management web site features resources on Collection Management; Scholarly Electronic Publishing; Authority and Digital Signatures; Charging, Licences and Copyright; Preservation and Legal Deposit; and Practical Electronic Publishing.
URL: http://www.i-a-l.co.uk

Simpli.com is a web search engine which provides help with context-based searching. For example a query on ASP returned the concepts "snake" and "viper" with an option to add your own concept (in this case Active Server Pages). The engine then uses the chosen concept to refine the list of results displayed. This mechanism helps to remove ambiguous results when searching, a handy feature.
URL: http://www.simpli.com/

In his introduction Jim Flanagan, the inspiration behind technology news site, The Bubble Chamber, says: "most of what passes for technology news on the web recently seems to be technology business news - which company bought which other company, IPO announcements, etc. I'm a technologist, not an investor, and so I'm much more interested in the Web of Ideas". Bubble Chamber is his attempt to share science and technology news which contains "catalysts to thought and new ideas which people can use in their own intellectual travels". The author is always on the look out for contributions. Incidentally, the site is implemented using Zope, an open source web content management system.
URL: http://bc.tensegrity.net/

internet.com has added the online journal, Apache Today, to its list of titles. Aimed at the Apache user and development community, the site features: articles, news, resources and links. A free news update service can also be subscribed to at the site.
URL: http://apachetoday.com/

The Center for Electronic Publishing (EP), called "Metamorphosis", in Skopje, Macedonia, the first organisation of this kind in Macedonia, is sponsored by Open Society Institute-Macedonia and OSI-Budapest. Further details concerning the centre's activities, which include the promotion of EP technologies and training, are available on the web.
URL: http://www.metamorphosis.org.mk/

Blink.com, a company specialising in bookmark management and personalised web searching, lays claim to the "largest human-edited directory on the web, with more than 34 million bookmarks available through its site". A portion, 1.7 million, of these links are made available through the incorporation of the Open Directory Project's (ODP) web site listings.
URL: http://www.blink.com/
URL: ODP http://www.dmoz.org/

eCompany Now, is a monthly magazine and web site aimed at "anyone who is eager to understand how the web is changing business".  The magazine features in-depth journalism as well as practical and even humorous pieces about the companies and people who are using the web to improve business.
URL: http://www.ecompany.com/

O'Reilly Network 's "technical portal" provides technical resources and information for developers interested in open and emerging technologies, including new platforms, programming languages, and operating systems. Affiliated websites include: XML.com, Apache Week, MySQL.com, Servlets.com, and Perl.com.
URL: O'Reilly Network http://www.oreillynet.com/

FizzyLab is a search engine for larger sites providing, "concept-driven search". Sites using Fizzylab can also provide an automatic e-mail notification of new content to users.
URL: http://www.fizzylab.com/

The CNET Linux Center, is styled as a site for "Linux professionals interested in leveraging the power of Linux for their businesses". The site, based around CNET's Linux news service, also offers software downloads.
URL: http://linux.cnet.com/

EPRESS is a project funded under the UK's eLib programme which has developed tools to aid in the administrative production of web delivered electronic journals. Central to the service are a series of online databases that help track the progress and flow of articles and review items. The aim of EPRESS is to reduce the administrative and technical burden of electronic publishing.
URL: EPRESS http://www.epress.ac.uk/

Free Pint is a regular free newsletter with tips for finding "reliable" web sites. Written by "information professionals", and supported by advertising, it contains reviews and articles, as well as search guidance and marketing advice.
The web site also hosts a discussion forum where business and information professionals post research questions, answers and comments. To subscribe to the newsletter visit the web site.
URL: http://www.freepint.co.uk/

NetRead is a web site with the goal: "to make it easier to publish books". The company provides free information, helps people and businesses connect, and offers services that make book publishing practical and accessible. NetRead believes that many types of books, which have been blocked from the market by traditional economic and practical factors, will soon emerge. NetRead supports all forms and formats of book publishing, from print to Braille, audio to ebooks. For now, all of NetRead's services are free. Ultimately, NetRead plans to offer a service for distributing books in multiple formats through a variety of channels.
URL: http://www.netread.com/

The ITXplorer.com web site, plans to include: information on current and future technologies, IT products, vendor profiles, IT news and Butler Group opinion and comment. Primarily aimed at business IT professionals looking to buy products and services (IT Products are categorised by 11 main technology areas and by relevance to particular industries), it is run by UK-based research company, the Butler Group, and registration is free at the site.
URL: ITXplorer.com http://www.itxplorer.com/
URL: Butler Group http://www.butlergroup.com/

InformIT web site form Macmillan USA, (one of the world's largest computer book publishers) provides: "news, opinion and reference materials to IT professionals, students, and corporate users focusing on: programming, databases, web publishing, networking, operating systems, and certification".
URL: http://www.informit.com/

GoPDA.com provides information, resources, software, hardware and accessories on handheld computing. CEStation.com focuses on Microsoft's Windows CE operating system, and is aimed primarily at end users, although the site also offers a channel for independent software developers of PDA-based applications to market their wares.
URL: CEStation.com http://www.CEStation.com/
URL: http://www.PalmCentral.com/

Microsoft has four worldwide Solution Centers, the European one is in Munich, designed to help OEMs and systems integrators with their development projects using Windows CE.
URL: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsce/embedded/

Educational Images is an educational photo library which includes slides and prints for the educational publishing industry.
URL: http://www.educationalimages.co.uk/

IBM's developerWorks is a free, online resource aiming to help developers "to build better software". The site features a number of zones, for example, the Open Source Zone, a forum for all of IBM's open source projects, allows developers to submit changes and fixes to code. The revamped Security Zone provides more complete information about writing secure code.
URL: http://www.ibm.com/software/news/n/rhyn4c6hlr/

Sun's StarOffice productivity suite is available for free download from the web site below.
URL: http://www.sun.com/dot-com/staroffice.html

The IBM Global Software Solutions Guide features over 36,000 applications, tools, and services developed by IBM Business Partners. Updated continually, the guide offers several ways to find solutions, through indexes based on technologies, industries, market segments, operating systems, platforms, native languages, and countries.
URL: http://www.ibm.com/software/solutions/isv/

HP's IT Resource Center offers industry news, online training, access to the HP Electronic Support Center, whitepapers, technical manuals, quick reference guides, books, and threaded discussions in the areas of UNIX/Linux, Microsoft, OpenView, MPE/iX, Printing & Imaging, and Java technology.
URL: http://hp3.m0.net/m/s.asp?H287613903X224260

Bill Gates' project management tips - In following a link to a learning resources site 'Lectures online', we discovered that the Bill has offered 10 tips for project managers. These are worth reading, whatever you think a about Windows. Project managers of R&D projects might pay particular attention to the last four tips.
URL: http://www.microsoft.com/billgates/columns/1998essay/9-9col.htm
URL: http://www.lecturesonline.org/

The "Internet Detective" web tutorial, produced with funding from the European Union through the DESIRE project, is a free, self-paced, interactive tutorial on the WWW which provides an introduction to the issues of information quality on the Internet and teaches the skills required to evaluate critically the quality of an Internet resource.
URL: http://www.sosig.ac.uk/desire/internet-detective.html

The "Free On-line Dictionary of Computing" provides an excellent point of reference for definining terms, placing them within the context of computing and information management.
URL: http://foldoc.doc.ic.ac.uk/foldoc/index.html

Searchpower.com is a directory providing links to, and classifications of, around 1,700 search engines available worldwide.
URL: http://www.searchpower.com/

Search Engine Showdown is a well constructed site that reviews the features and search capabilities of search engines. It provides statistics used for comparisons of performance, and gives suggestions for how to search the web and when to use which tool. It provides an overview of searchable databases of Usenet news postings and their specialised searchable Internet resources including directories of email lists. There are also links to other search engine resources.
URL: http://www.notess.com/search/

Project NetBoard offers a number of web-based tools for managing European Commission sponsored collaborative projects.
URL: http://netboard.vitamib.com

List of Newspapers, is a directory of online newspapers around the world, providing links to over 25,000 newspapers in 201 countries and territories. The website is linked from colleges, universities and governmental agencies such as the University of Princeton, Harvard, the Library of Congress of the United States, the British Library or the National Library of France. Thanks to Miguel Gomez for this link.
URL: http://www.listofnewspapers.com

IBM e-business and Software News Alert is a newsletter published by IBM which gives excellent background into software developments from the company. Published every two weeks the free ezine can be subscribed to at the web address given below.
URL: http://www.ibm.com/software/news-alert/subscribe.html

TEDS (Tenders Electronic Daily) which provides electronic access to tenders contained in the European Commission's Official Journal's 'S' series, is available in all European languages
URL: http://ted.eur-op.eu.int

NewJour, is a list of many of the available serial publications available via the Internet, it includes journals and newsletters.
URL: http://gort.ucsd.edu/newjour/NewJourWel.html

Individual copies of standards from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) can be accessed and downloaded free of charge via the Internet. The site gives access to download ETSI Technical Reports, Technical Specifications, Technical Bases for Regulations, Guides, European Norms and ETSI Telecommunications Standards.
URL: http://www.etsi.org/eds

Book Industry Communications' "Bookish Home Page" provides a central focus and gateway for book industry users of the Internet. Information and links are provided under the following headings: EDI / electronic commerce; Bibliographic / product information; Electronic rights trading; Publications; EDItEUR Home Page; Useful bookish information.
URL: http://www.bic.org.uk/

"Gideon" (Gateway to Internet Demographics Online) - Internet Demographics Study (conducted by Neilsen Media Research) - search, sort, display, and graph information from the study, interactively. Demo also includes a brief introduction to using the application.
URL: http://www.commerce.net/research/gideon/

Webgrrls is a networking resource for women interested in new media and the Internet. There are webgrrls groups throughout the world including UK, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden.
URL: http://www.webgrrls.com

An electronic publishing site, featuring many reviews with an orientation towards the Web and Photoshop, includes lots of free Photoshop plug-ins and shareware.
URL: http://www.publish.com/

SharewareDevelopers.com provides news and resources for developers of shareware-based software.
URL: http://www.sharewaredevelopers.com

Microsoft's has TechNet web site for IT professionals working with their software is intended to make it easier for Microsoft technical users to communicate with each other and the company.
URL: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/

The Web Standards Project (WSP), an international coalition of Web developers dedicated to promoting worldwide standards for Web and browser design. The WSP is urging browser makers to fully support the recommendations created by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C).
URL: http://www.webstandards.org

The Website Promoters Resource Centre is a commercial site which offers Website promotion services. Alongside these it also publishes articles and resources (including links) explaining the key components of promoting a web site effectively. Areas covered include: banner advertising; URL submission; targeted e-mail.
URL: http://www.wprc.com/

The future of electronic publishing is the theme of a site run by the German-based, International Association for Newspaper & Media Technology (IFRA). The site is intended to keep professionals up-to-date with electronic-publishing developments, applications and issues important to the print publishing industry.
URL: IFRA http://www.ifra.com/

The Web Reference section of on-line publication, internet.com publishes articles of general interest to thoses concerened with Website development and management.
URL: http://www.webreference.com/

The Writers Toolbox is a site designed to help develop writing skills.
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/6346/

The Silicon web site provides IT professionals with newswire content, analysis, debates and interviews in a combined text and video-on-demand format (Real Player 5.0 or NetShow 3.0 required to run the video). Users can subscribe to the service free of charge, in exchange for some basic profile information.
URL: http://www.siliconnews.com

The UK's IEE runs an electronic forum which provides news and an on-line library for visitors who pre-register a profile in exchange for a password. The profile ensures that subscribers receive targeted email updates concerning the site.
URL: http://forum.iee.org.uk

Ontology.org is "a forum for enabling virtual business sponsored by Computer Sciences Corporation". A white paper on the site explains the rationale for this activity, which aims to complement and build upon the efforts of the XML community. If you wish to be notified of events relating to Ontology.org subscribe to "ontology-announce" via the form on the home page.

Software resources - the publishers of the SoftWatcher website claim that it is updated hourly. The site reports on the latest Macintosh and PC software releases, highlighted by a listing of the most recent additions.
URL: http://www.softwatcher.com

The Shareware Shop located has the stated aim of: "bringing together shareware users and shareware authors to further the development of the Shareware Industry on the Internet". Main features include: over 80,000 shareware titles to search and browse; the Shareware Author Network with over 2300 members; a detailed software review area.
URL: http://www.shareware-shop.com/

America's Network editorial on communications infrastructure, particularly concerning network management.
URL: http://www.americasnetwork.com/index.html

NetGuide's Interactive Music, includes music site reviews, features, news and "How to guides", such as: building a virtual recording studio, and understanding digital audio and MIDI music.
URL: http://www.netguide.com/special/primers/music/home.html

The Junkbusters website provides a comprehensive collection of information about junk messages and how to stop them and features the Internet Junkbuster, which the company claims will help control commercial communications to your Web browser.
URL: http://www.junkbusters.com

devSEARCH is billed as: "a Web search engine for people who build the Web". It provides a cross site search engine to a limited, but useful number of high quality sites for Web developers, for example it includes the Apache site, Perl.com and Linux.org amongst the 22 sites it currently indexes.
URL: http://www.devsearch.com/
URL: Apache site http://www.apache.org
URL: Perl.com http://www.perl.com
URL: Linux.org http://www.linux.org

Developer Zone features tutorials ranging from basic HTML to JavaScipt, CSS and DHTML.
URL: http://www.projectcool.com/developer

SubmitShack.com provides a simple solution for multiple registrations from a single form which can be automatically sent to each of the 150 index sites linked to the SubmitShack site. The index sites are a varied bunch from around the world, and includes a few of the major ones.
URL: http://www.submitshack.com

WM Central caters to webmasters: providing news, surveys, articles, tools, books, resources & demos.
URL: http://www.wmcentral.com/

NTWare.com is a website dedicated exclusively to software for Windows NT users. The site offers downloads of NT software.
URL: http://www.ntware.com

News Index is a Web-based "News Only" Search Engine.
URL: http://www.newsindex.com

I-Venture.Com is styled as a site that provides: "a business-to-business network for buying and selling interactive products, projects, services and ideas worldwide". Registration is free and there is also information on companies, venture capital, conferences and education in the interactive media sector.
URL: http://www.i-venture.com/

The IBM CyberDigest provides access to technical reports written by members of the IBM Research community.
URL: http://www.watson.ibm.com:8080/

Perl script archives - a number of sites offer Perl scripts for download free of charge.
URL: http://worlwidemart.com/scripts

All Things Web is a resource collection for Web masters and authors, providing authoring tips, utilities, & resources.
URL: http://www.pantos.org/atw

EE3 - Electronic Engineering Toolbox is a web site covering technical aspects of embedded systems. Current issue has many links to OO programming design resources.
URL: http://www.eg3.com/ebox.htm

Interactivity - tools and techniques for interactive media developers.
URL: http://www.eyemedia.com

Yellow Web is a new European search and directory service, that is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

The Internet Law Library is a free online resource for legal research. Created in 1995 by the U.S. House of Representatives’ House Information Resources, the law library also benefits from the contributions of dozens of individuals and groups. Envisioned as a way to “provide free public access to the basic documents of U.S. law,” this online resource is a great place for students to begin their research.
URL: http://www.onlinecollege.org/2012/11/20/the-internet-law-library/

The WEB Virtual Library is a joint venture of many sites, which bear a common logo, and is of astounding breadth.
URL: http://www.w3.org/hypertext/DataSources/bySubject/Overview.html

A major software engineering and IT resource site can be found at the DARPA/STARS programme web site. The resources include reports and software.
URL: http://source.asset.com/

Mailing list and discussion forum directories

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