"The Potential of XML for Web-based applications"

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An open 2-day workshop at INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France on 23-24 October 1997. Run as part of the concertation activities of the Information Engineering Sector of the Telematics Application Programme, by the IESERV Project (the authors of this site) hosted by INRIA and the W3 Consortium.

Workshop focus

The objective of this workshop was to raise awareness amongst the telematics-applications community to the potential of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) standards for the development of innovative Web-based applications, and to offer to participants updated information on the elaboration of the standards.

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Tools and techniques for interactive publishers - for news and resources covered by the workshop please visit: http://www.elpub.org

09h00 - 09h30 Welcome - Registration
09h30 - 10h20 What's changing in the Web with XML Brief presentation of the key features of XML and potential for application-development.
10h20 - 11h00 Statute of the standard(s) and industrial support Information from the W3C on standardisation process, statute, and on industry support.
Bert BOS, W3 Consortium, France
11h00 - 11h30 Coffee-break
11H30 - 12H10 Style-sheets: CCS for XML, DSSSL-ol (see also CSS-1 recommendation)
Chris LILLEY, W3 Consortium, France
12h10 - 14h00 Lunch
14h00 - 14h30 Authoring valid and well-formed documents A demo from GRIF s.a. to give a concrete view to "users"...
14h30 - 15h10 Hyper-links in XML: Creating web-maps Creating / exploiting link-groups on a large scale.
Antoine RIZK, CEO EUROCLID, France
15h10 - 15h40 Coffee-break
15h40 - 16h20 Metadata for XML webs The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is work-in-progess by the W3C to create specifications for machine-understandable meta-data for Web objects. It merges ideas from several proposals made by W3C member companies, notably XML-Data from Microsoft and Meta Content Framework (MCF) from Netscape. (see also PICS recommendation)
Daniel DARDAILLER, W3 Consortium, France
16h20 - 17h00 Querying XML repositories How can XML structures be exploited to support effective query and retrieval of documents?
Anne-Marie VERCOUSTRE, INRIA, France

09h30 - 10h10 Synchronous multimedia and XML (see also Audio, Video, and Synchronized Multimedia) How the two models will coexist consistently.
Philipp HOSCHKA, W3 Consortium, France
10h10 - 10h50 Document Object Model Active documents in an XML-based Web.
Arnaud LE HORS, W3 Consortium, France
10h50 - 11h20 Coffee-break
11h20 - 12h00 Putting on-web existing SGML Examples from the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI).
Laurent ROMARY, INRIA, France
12h00 - 13h45 Lunch
13h45 - 14h25 CML: an advanced XML application supporting scientific cooperation. With demonstration of the last version of Jumbo, a generic browser supporting XML-LANG and XML-LINK.
Peter MURRAY-RUST, University of Nottingham, UK
14h25 - 15h00 Using extended links for documentation fragmentation and collective authoring on the Web. Concept-Net, a SGML/HyTime application to be ported soon to XML, demonstrates how extended links offer a powerful means for fragmenting and organising large distributed documents, eg. an encyclopaedia.
Alain MICHARD, INRIA, France
15h30 Shuttle to NICE Airport.

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