VR World Congress 2001

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VR World Congress 2001

June 27-29, 2001
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Barcelona, Spain


This event represented an exceptional opportunity for organizations expecting to be involved as major players in VR/i3D for the 380m population European marketplace. Organized under the auspices of the European Commission (EC), it was an ideal forum for those aspiring to support under the imminent EC's Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme.

Network with Europe's leading VR and I3D minds

In addition to attending the sessions outlined in the published agenda, there was ample opportunity for delegates to network with prospective partners in the commercial and public sectors.

Applicable to a wide range of disciplines

The event was designed to appeal to the widest audience of professionals interested in the development of VR and interactive 3D (I3D) applications. Applications which will be exploited in a wide range of disciplines, including: publishing, healthcare, education, culture and heritage, entertainment, services, manufacturing, engineering. The event also considered the hardware, software, systems and services which will provide the necessary infrastructure.

Throughout the three days the conference:

Conference Chairman and Organisers

The Conference Chairman of VR World Congress - Barcelona is Geoffrey Stephenson, Founder of Knowledge Exchange Technologies, Luxembourg.

VR World Congress - Barcelona is organised by The MVA Consultancy SA, France as part of the EPIFOCAL Project run under the Interactive Electronic Publishing Sector of the European Commission's Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme.

Congress Agenda

Day 1

Wednesday June 27th, 2001

AM Morning free for travel or to explore the culture and history of the beautiful city of Barcelona.
12:30 Lunch and Registration

"Who will buy VR, for what and when" - a presentation based on original research that will "name names, countries and applications."
Roger Frampton, Cyber-Wizard Ltd, UK
download presentation from http://www.elpub.org/barc/rf.zip

14:30 "FashionMe" - VR technologies for online fashion shopping (an EC Project).
Andrea Muller and Uwe Rotter, Fraunhofer IAO, Germany

"A New VR Engine" - to provide massive CAD models support, full collision detection and ease of use.
Alain Hubrecht, Chief Technology Officer, VRcontext, Belgium

download presentation from http://www.elpub.org/barc/cad.zip

15:30 Break with opportunities for networking and tabletop demonstrations.
16:00 "DW3D - a virtual web TV format" - combining VR, streaming media and games developed in the EU project: I-TV.
Wilfried Runde, Editor DW-online, and Eike Otto, Senior Project Manager, Terratools GmbH, Germany.
16:30 "Barcelona VR Centre"
Javier Gallego Babiano & Felipe Lozano Nieto, Gedas Iberia, Spain
17:00 "How the Saddleback Community College in Los Angeles is using i3D training"
Christian Rosengren, EON Reality Europe
17:30 "TOWER projects (distributed working environments)"
Lesley Gavin, University College London, UK
17:50 "Participating in an EC Project" - a panel discussion with Pascal Jacques of the European Commission foreshadowing the impending 6th Framework Programme. It is intended this session will lead to networking opportunities for prospective VR/i3D project partners.


Day 2 Thursday, June 28th, 2001
09:00 Registration
10:00 "Current Trends and Future Predictions for VR Hardware"
Dr.-Ing. Oliver Riedel, Practice Director Immersive Solutions EMEA, Silicon Graphics - Professional Services Europe, Germany
10:30 "Breaking the Barriers to Interaction with Virtual Models"
Jeff Brum, Fakespace Systems Inc.
11:15 Break with opportunities for networking and tabletop demonstrations.

"Computer Graphics Access for Blind People through a Haptic Virtual Environment" - (EC Project GRAB)
Jose Ignacio Barbero, Labein, Spain

download presentation from http://www.elpub.org/barc/haptic.zip

12:00 "Projection - Putting the Reality into VR" - display technologies present & future.
Tom Robeyn, Barco, Belgium
12:15 "VR/i3D Hardware Issues" - a panel session.
12:30 "The Future of Input, Processing and Output Devices" - a panel session.
12:45 Lunch break with opportunities for networking and tabletop demonstrations.
14:00 "Network XML methodology for telepsichology using advanced 3D multimedia contents: public speaking fear treatement in internet"
Mariano Alcaniz, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (MedlCLab), Spain
14:30 "Demonstration of Cultural/Heritage Applications of i3D Across the Internet"
Roger Gilabert, RTZ Virtual Worlds (Superscape), Spain
15:00 "Business-oriented Online VR for Virtual Munchen Airport Center" to promote the business facilities and shops in the airport centre.
Philip van Nederveld, e-Spaces, Belgium
15:30 Break with opportunities for networking and tabletop demonstrations.
16:00 "Virtual Surgery - Making it Real"
Mr Simon Grange FRCS, European Research Fellow, Department of Education, Royal College of Surgeons of England, UK
download presentation from http://www.elpub.org/barc/surg.zip
16:30 "Virtual Reality in Telemedicine" (EC Project VEPSY-UPDATED)
Andrea Gaggioli, Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Italy
17:00 "Applications" including a presentation of work by:
Marko Tandefelt, Curator, New Media Art, Finland


Day 3 Friday, June 29th, 2001
09:00 Registration
10:30 "Installing, Integrating, Implementing and Managing a VR Center"
Mario Camacho, General Manager, Trispace VR, Spain
10:50 "An Interaction-driven strategy for virtual reality applications"
Narcis Pares, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain.
11:15 Break with opportunities for networking and tabletop demonstrations.
11:45 "Distributed Virtual Prototyping" - EC DIVIPRO Project.
download presentation from http://www.elpub.org/barc/divipro.zip
12:15 "Application of the Conference" - further presentation with Questions and Answers of the most acclaimed application of VR World Congress - Barcelona.
12:30 "Conclusions" - closing remarks
Roger Frampton, Cyber-Wizard Ltd, UK

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