Consultation Meeting on Creativity in Content
Work Programme 2000

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Report on a DG XIII consultation meeting held in Luxembourg 14th September 1999, on Creativity in Content.

Aims of the meeting as expressed in the invitation

Within the "Information Society Technologies" (IST) Programme, the European Commission has initiated a wide consultation process in view of revising and updating its workprogramme for the year 2000. As part of this process, a consultation meeting on "Creativity in content, publishing, culture and info-access" will be held in Luxembourg on September 14th, 1999.


The workshop agenda, a list of attendees and rapporteur notes from the 3 breakout groups are available as a PC zipped WinWord document at: http://www/elpub.org/istag/report.zip (10 KB)

Powerpoint slides for the presentations are available to down load from the El.pub website, from the ftp link given. The slides have been PC zipped and the size of the zipped file for download is given in brackets. The complete set of files is also available as a PC zipped file, see link at the foot of the page.

9:00 Welcome, Wolfgang HUBER


9:15 Introduction by the chairman, Roger FRAMPTON


9:20 ISTAG presentation, Franco MASTRODDI

http://www/elpub.org/istag/istag.zip (29 KB)

10:00 Coffee break


10:15 Situation of key action lines III.2.1 - III.2.2

http://www/elpub.org/istag/iii12.zip (250 KB)

10:00 Situation of key action lines III.2.3 - III.2.4, Bernard SMITH

http://www/elpub.org/istag/iii34.zip (300 KB)

10:30 Situation of key action line III.5, Per BLIXT

http://www/elpub.org/istag/iii5.zip (400 KB)

11:00 Workshop in 3 groups by action lines: GROUP I (III.2.1 - III.2.2), GROUP II (III.2.3 - III.2.4), GROUP III (III.5)


12:30 LUNCH


13:30 Workshop in 3 groups by action lines: GROUP I (III.2.1 - III.2.2), GROUP II (III.2.3 - III.2.4), GROUP III (III.5).


14:30 Presentation of conclusion by the rapporteur GROUP I


14:50 Presentation of conclusion by the rapporteur GROUP II


15:10 Presentation of conclusion by the rapporteur GROUP III


15:30 Coffee break


15:45 General discussion


16:30 Conclusion by the chairman

17:00 End of the meeting  

Download a complete copy of all files directly from: http://www/elpub.org/istag/wp2.zip (PC zipped, WinWord file and Powerpoint presentations, 988K)

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