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Interactive Electronic Publishing in Europe

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This page provides the starting point for information on El.pub concerned with the Interactive Electronic Publishing (IEP). It provided an on-going overview of the sector, and links to information about some of the projects being supported. Since this page was started, the INFORM project, responsible for El.pub, have published factsheets from all of the projects run under Key Action Line III - Multimedia Content & Tools of the IST programme in the European Union's 5th RTD Framework 1999-2002. These are published on El.pub (see: factsheets/inform/index.html), and are also available as an interactive CD-ROM.

The Interactive Electronic Publishing (IEP) sector of the European Commission's Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme is part of Multimedia Content and Tools, Key Action III of the IST Programme, which itself fell within the the 5th Framework RTD Programme. The research and development projects funded by the Interactive Electronic Publishing sector focused primarily on generating, managing, personalising creative digital content.

Whilst the objectives were common - the application areas are wide - encompassing scientific and business information, news, advertising, entertainment, information for the citizen and geographic information. The IEP sector issued a number of RTD lines in the yearly IST workprogrammes, covering the main RTD issues represented within the IEP value chain: Authoring and design systems and Content management and personalisation.

Authoring and design systems

Two concepts are central to the objectives of the action line, although these were modified with successive work programmes (as indicated below):

Authoring interactive web content - this action line was further refined in the 2000 work programme, with additional emphasis being placed on web-based publishing.

Content management and personalisation

Digitisation has created a situation where the delivery methods for electronic information have become progressively independent of the final rendering on TV, cinema or computer screen. Information, whether intended for use in a business, knowledge or life-style environment, is packaged by the broadcaster or publisher in a variety of forms, delivered through alternative channels, for viewing on whatever device the user has available. New content management possibilities are opened. Access, delivery and personalisation from large distributed and multi-owner collections (eg. digital libraries) require new methods and tools.

This area includes: automated content packaging, tailoring, user control, web-based systems, agent services, new business models, transaction systems for asset management and user access, standards for interoperability, privacy. The benefits will include improved asset productivity, user control, and access to products and services.

Personalising content - this action line was further refined in the 2000 work programme with emphasis shifting from content management to personalisation and at a service level to address web-based services.

Trials and test-beds for digital content authoring and personalising systems

Aiming to promote the use of new multimedia authoring and design systems as well as personalised applications of high-quality multimedia content and services in key areas (knowledge, business and lifestyle publishing, advertising and geographic information), the focus of this action line is on:

Interactive Electronic Publishing Projects

In order to give examples of how IEP projects addressed the principal aims set out in the work programmes defined for Interactive Electronic Publishing, we have grouped a representative sample using a “clustering” scheme (and colour coded) under the headings of:

These clusters provide a convenient “short hand” definition of the key areas addressed by Interactive Electronic Publishing research. Below we provide links to individual pages on El.pub providing further explanations of the projects, (based on project submissions), a link to download a more recent project description in the form of a factsheet in pdf format, and links to project web sites which provide the most up-to-date information on project progress.

Complete set of IST Programme's Multimedia Content and Tools (KA Line III) Projects

A complete set of factsheets from projects run within the IST Programme's Multimedia Content and Tools (KA Line III), including a written introduction to the its role within the IST Programme, is available on CD-ROM, free of charge, by contacting the European Commission at the address given at the foot of this page. The facsheets are also published online on El.pub and can be viewed via this link: factsheets/inform/index.html.

Please note: these factsheets were published in July 2002 and therefore postdate all the information published below.

Links to project fact sheets and web sites

Projects from 2001

ACTIVE_AD will create a flexible and intelligent presentation system to access statistical and other data in a distributed virtual environment.
URL: home web site

COMMORG will study Organisational Consequences of E-mail Introduction, Adoption and Diffusion.
URL: home web site

ENRICH trial will introduce and evaluate an integrated asset management factory and the Pantheon methodology in order to assess the business advantages.
URL: home web site

HORTONET 3 will validate a new social and business model for garden and other films of cultural heritage with a range of multimedia options.
URL: home web site

HYPERFILM enables the user to enrich digital video with content references in order to produce high quality multimedia content.
URL: home web site

IMAGEN will develop an integrated set of tools for personalised publication and distribution of digital media content over the Internet.
URL: home web site

RADICAL will foster the emergence of a sustainable community of active research collaborators made up of the ICT and creative industries.
URL: home web site

TEDIP will study the regional development of the digital value chain, the way it relates to the convergence between television and the web, and its effect on content provision.
URL: http://tedip.joensuu.fi

VIZARD will develop Video Books, that can contain hyper-video representations to build distributed and personalised collections.
URL: home web site

VNET 5 will promote the widespread adoption of a user-centred approach to user evaluation in IEP and other IST projects.
URL: home web site

Geographic information (GI) and mobility

GeoTraceAgri will define a methodology for the sampling, acquisition, utilization and processing of georeferenced data that will be used to generate agro-environmental indicators at various geographical scales.
URL: home web site http://www.geotraceagri.net

FASTER will study consumer responses to interactivity and to advertising in different environments, such as e-commerce.
URL: home web site http://www.faster-data.org

ETEMII aims to organise a network of excellence, bringing together the stakeholders of the Territorial Management Information market from research, industry and the public sector. Such a network will build a technical consensus for a European GI (Geographical Information) Infrastructure.

HYPERGEO will provide technical tools for value-added geographical information services.
URL: home web site http://www.hypergeo.org 


B2B-ECOM will develop a framework for catalogues that promotes inter-operation based on standards and open specifications.

C-WEB aims at designing a generic and open technology that will bridge the gaps that exist between data, documents, and knowledge.

CIWOS will develop a system to automatically locate and retrieve text, images, video, and audio from a multilingual audio-visual database by performing content-based searches. European languages supported include: English, Greek, and French.
URL: Home web site http://www.xanthi.ilsp.gr/ciwos/

IRAIA will develop real-world testbeds that provide economic information from the large databases of economic research institutes and national statistical institutions.

OPELIX plans to provide tools to create personalised information offerings, taking into account: copyright protection; certification of the data; timely delivery of the data; payment schemes.
URL: home web site http://www.opelix.org

PEACH is developing a tool for the production and provision of personalisation services for the media industry.
URL: home web site http://www.peach-eu.org

PSI3 will specify a generic architecture for the development of personalised services for integrated Internet information.
URL: home web site www.psi3project.org

Human representation, virtual reality and entertainment

CHARISMATIC will develop new technologies for interactive entertainment based on Virtual Reality (VR) theatres.
URL: home web site http://www.charismatic-project.com
MESH The goal of MESH is to create highly realistic virtual heads in terms of their shape, texture, and dynamics (emotions and speech)
URL: home web site http://www.meshproject.org/
PAPERLESS will design and evaluate an advanced animation environment based on the combination of user-friendly software tools integrated with an innovative interaction device.

Audio/video, creativity and publishing

ADVISOR is a state-of-the-art project that is developing interactive and semi-automatic tools for video annotations and video retrieval.
URL: home web site http://advisor.matrasi-tls.fr
EPIFOCAL will provide awareness and dissemination for Interactive Electronic Publishing in Key Action III (Multimedia Content and Tools) - through publishing this web site and arranging meetings.
URL: home web site http://www.pira.co.uk/IE/
GFORS has as its key objective to reduce the cost of European programme production by making programme content available in an efficient and cost effective way.
URL: home web site http://www.g-fors.com
ITV covers the whole value chain from designing and authoring highly visual content to delivering it to world-wide audiences on the web/digital TV.
URL: home web site http://itv.altus.de
MIGRATOR is developing a new generation of content creation and personalisation tools for still pictures, using existing material and the emerging JPEG 2000 standard.
URL: home web site http://www.migrator2000.org/
ONRADIO consortium will develop various applications and technologies to make Internet Radios commercially viable.
URL: home web site http://www.comversemedia.com/onradio
TIPS proposes a web-based portal for research information production, management, access and use.
URL: home web site http://tips.sissa.it:8000/servlets/jetspeed
VISIONS is a system for the virtual prototyping of stories throughout their entire life cycle, from authoring, planning ,production ,through to post-production.
URL: home web site http://www.visions4d.com
WEDELMUSIC is an innovative idea for the distribution of interactive music via the Internet.

Exploiting research by the Information Society

The Interactive Electronic Publishing sector, through its awareness activities, fostered the exchange of information between projects and from industry. This interaction provided the potential for maximising the exploitation of results in a commercial setting, which at the same time enabled the application and use of the research to address the needs of citizens in the emerging Information Society.

Further information

For further information concerning Interactive Electronic Publishing, or to order a copy of the project factsheets for Key Action Line III - Multimedia Content & Tools on CD-ROM, contact:

Pascal Jacques
European Commission
Information Society Directorate General
Bâtiment Jean Monnet
Email: mailto:pascal.jacques@cec.eu.int

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