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Users, Applications & Projects
01 Accident Analysis
02 Virtual & Augmented Reality Laboratory Upgrade
03 Simulation for European Space Agency
04 NBC Tests i3D for Product Zone
05 Scanning the Statue of Liberty
06 Scanning Natural History Collections
07 Schlumberger Product Development Time to Improve
08 Toyota Reduces Development Costs
09 Industrial Baking Machine Design
10 Mazda Engine Design and Development
11 Games Developer Standardizes on 3ds max 5
12 Sony Uses 3D Scanning and Facial Morphing
13 Real-Time Content Which Will Be Common

Quote of the Issue
14 Carly Fiorina , CEO of HP

Products & Services
15 3D Display
16 Re-purpose 3D Data
17 New Features and Functionality for 3D Controllers

Companies & Markets
18 E&S Presenting with SimAuthor
19 Hewlett Packard on Its Fourth Quarter Results
20 InterSense Enhances AuSIM
21 NewTek Bundled with BOXX
22 Wildcat4 7110 Option for Dell & IBM

23 UnitedLinux
24 Web3D Consortium

Worth Watching
25 3D on 'Phones

Events & Calls for Papers
26 CyberTherapy 2003
27 SGI VizSummit
28 Solid Edge Global Summit
29 Web3D 2003 Symposium
30 IEEE VR2003
31 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics
32 Casa'2003
33 Vision, Video and Graphics 2003
34 SIGGRAPH 2003
35 More Events

215.01 Accident Analysis

LMS, developer of test systems and functional performance simulation software, has won an order from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for LMS Virtual.Lab Motion and LMS Optimus. The software will assist in the investigation of accidents in the USA, and when requested, around the world. Under USA law, the NTSB must investigate and determine the probable cause of every civil aviation accident in the US. Rail, marine, highway and pipeline accidents are investigated as well. The NTSB mission is to prevent future accidents, save lives and reduce injuries and property damage.

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion will enable the NTSB to create detailed simulations of the structures, power plants and systems involved in accidents in order to understand why something happened. Using test data provided by manufacturers, the NTSB will be able to do more numerical simulations and evaluations in less time than before. First with simple, then animated models, the team can explore the possible causes and technical problems that might have contributed to a failure: cables not stiff enough, parts put in backward, wrong parts, or wear and tear.

URL: http://www.ntsb.gov
URL: http://www.lmsintl.com

215.02 Virtual & Augmented Reality Laboratory Upgrade

The Heinz Nixdorf Institute in Paderborn, Germany has chosen the ORAD DVG Graphic Cluster Technology to upgrade its Virtual & Augmented Reality Laboratory. Princess Interactive Software GmbH/Magdeburg, ORAD´s distributor for the Visual Simulation Market in Germany worked closely with Unity AG/Büren to complete the deal. The DVG is a scalable graphical computer composed of multiple NVIDIA GeForce 4 graphical boards tied together to produce a single output channel. Any number of DVG nodes may be used to address any level of scene complexity and/or image quality. It is upgradeable with new graphical board generations and provides graphical qualities like per pixel lighting and environmental mapping.

A 4 DVG nodes system is producing performance of 2.3 billion pixel/sec fill rate and 124 million polygons/sec and full scene Anti-Aliasing with 4 or more sub-samples. The Heinz Nixdorf Institute was founded as an initiative of Heinz Nixdorf, a German pioneer in Computer Science, as an interdisciplinary research centre for Computer Science and Technology within the University of Paderborn. It was established to conduct research in areas of computer science, technology and economics close to practical application.

URL: http:// www.orad.tv
URL: http//www.princess-interactive.com

215.03 Simulation for European Space Agency

A Swiss industrial consortium, led by Contraves Space AG, is contributing to the European Space Agency's (ESA) success. Whenever an Ariane space rocket is launched, more than 20 Swiss companies and SGI support the operation. The Ariane 5 E is the only launcher that can simultaneously carry several satellites weighing 10 tons in a geostationary orbit to 36,000 km altitude above the earth's surface. In an earth-proximate orbit of 550 km, the launcher can carry 20 tons. This new generation launcher enables Europe to lower the price per kilograms for satellites by approximately 40 percent. All space products have to guarantee sufficient strength at the smallest possible mass to be able to resist the high-pressure forces during the launch phase and the extreme temperature differences in space.

For this reason, Contraves Space is dependent on comprehensive simulation in the development of its products. High-performance computing and visualization systems provided by the SGI Switzerland team are important for testing and evaluating the thermal and dynamic behavior of the payload fairings and satellite cells. Using an SGI Origin server, for example, enables calculations for optimizing the payload fairing jettisoning process or the oscillation behavior of the satellite cells. In addition, post-processing enables Contraves to determine the effects of vibration, acceleration, temperature and shock stress so the calculations can be visualized, analyzed and recorded.

URL: http://www.sgi.com
URL: http://www.contravesspace.com

215.04 NBC Tests i3D for Product Zone

Cycore has been selected by NBC Enterprises and ShopNBC for an upcoming test launch of an i3D product zone created using Cycore Cult3D software on shopNBC.com. Cycore will work with the two companies to offer visitors to ShopNBC.com a 3D look at NBC merchandise - everything from show items such as t-shirts and collector DVDs to digital cameras. ShopNBC.com will designate a special section on its website for select 3D merchandise in time for the holidays. Customers will be able to virtually 'touch and feel' up to eight photorealistic, interactive products created using Cycore Cult3D software with the click of a mouse-zooming in, rotating and functioning product features. In addition, users will be able to customize products by selecting and viewing different color and texture selections in real time. An email campaign targeted to online shoppers will be launched in the coming weeks to promote ShopNBC.com's 3D shopping zone. The campaign will be designed to introduce customers to the obvious benefits 3D brings to the online shopping experience with a sneak peek of upcoming 3D attractions.

URL: http://www.shopnbc.com/nbcstore
URL: http://www.cycore.com

215.05 Scanning the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has stood over New York Harbor as a beacon of freedom for more than 120 years. But could she be rebuilt if damaged or destroyed? After the World Trade Center attacks, the value and vulnerability of US national monuments are being given new consideration. And though there are numerous photos of Lady Liberty, there are no detailed architectural drawings that would enable an exact replica to be created. Texas Tech University, the National Park Service, and the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) are working to change that. The university is finding success in capturing the statue's architecture with 3D laser scanning technology and geometry processing software that automatically generates an accurate digital model from the scan data.

Scanning an object that is 305-feet tall and weighs 225 tons would not be easy. Beyond mere size, the Statue of Liberty presented special challenges, according to Glenn Hill, director of Texas Tech College of Architecture's environmental visualization program. The available space in which to do the scanning was limited in relation to the size of the statue. And the scanned model had to have a horizontal and vertical recording of 0.375 inches, which is the HABS standard for accuracy. The team collected the data using a Cyrax 2500 3D laser scanner capable of capturing 800 points per second and tested at 6mm accuracy. Researchers spent four 14-hour days scanning different points around the statue. They then took the scanned data back to Texas and ordered a computer with dual 1.8-GHz processors, a 3-GB RDRAM video card, and two 80-GB SCSI hard drives to process and register the immense point-cloud data. The research team found the solution in Geomagic Studio which takes scanned data and automatically generates highly accurate polygon and NURBS (surface) models.

215.06 Scanning Natural History Collections

The Canadian Museum of Nature has signed an agreement with Arius3D Inc. to establish a centre for 3D imaging at Nature's research and collections facility in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. Nature will install scanning cameras and software to produce true-to-life, full-color, 3D images of specimens from its natural history collections. The images (which are also called models) will be used for education, research and collections management, and will greatly enhance the exchange of scientific information based on the study of real objects.

"Through this cutting-edge technology, scientists and the general public will now have access to 3D digital images of specimens from our collections and those of other institutions. It's the next best thing to seeing them first-hand," says Joanne DiCosimo, President and CEO of Nature. "This project is an exciting and innovative way to research and share Canada's remarkable natural heritage," adds DiCosimo. The centre, which is expected to open in January 2003, will be staffed by three technicians and will offer its sophisticated imaging services to other museums, federal agencies and research institutions in the National Capital Region. Support for the centre is provided by the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canadian Culture Online Program).

Arius's laser-scanning equipment was developed by scientists at the National Research Council and licensed to the company in 1998. Nature will use the models in a variety of ways. Collections staff will create a 3D model archive of specimens that will become an important tool in monitoring their preservation over time. Researchers from other institutions will be able to receive 3D images with accurate measurements of both geometry and color for specimens that are too fragile to be shipped and loaned. As well, researchers unable to visit Nature's collections in person will be able to view and study models of the specimens without having to rely solely on photos or drawings. Future uses of the technology include animation and the creation of replicas.

URL: http://www.arius3d.com

215.07 Schlumberger Product Development Time to Improve

NSC Schlumberger has announced the implementation of an IBM Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution based on Dassault Systemes' products, CATIA V5 and SMARTEAM. The PLM solution was deployed across NSC Schlumberger's fiber-to-yarn division 18 months ago in order to develop new textile machines. The project, executed in three factories in France, involved the design, marketing and maintenance divisions. Schlumberger expects product development time to improve by 25%. The implementation of CATIA V5 and SMARTEAM at NSC Schlumberger has created concrete business value and rapid return on the PLM platform investment. This is exemplified by the elimination of the production of three costly prototypes for each new project. With the PLM platform in place, NSC now only produces one final prototype. The PLM platform has also allowed NSC to rapidly test various models in 3D, including new components and new mechanisms. In addition, maintenance is greatly improved, making NSC far more competitive by avoiding costly errors frequently involved in the maintenance phase.

Overall, the implementation of the IBM PLM platform coupled with the support of IBM Business Consulting Services (BCS) will result in a 25% improvement in development time at NSC. "The results were beyond what we had hoped for," said Gerard Gaire, director of Research and Development, NSC Schlumberger. "Our goal is to achieve similar results across our other four subsidiaries, using collaborative work processes and managing the product lifecycle from the budding idea through to maintenance.

URL: http://www.ibm.com
URL: http://www.3ds.com

215.08 Toyota Reduces Development Costs

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) has significantly reduced development costs and cycles of its High Pick Lift forklift using IBM Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, including CATIA V5 developed by Dassault Systemes. TICO is currently using Dassault's DELMIA solution for the development, simulation and management in real-time of TICO's factory tools and production processes. TICO began using PLM solutions in late 2000.

The solutions were implemented to develop forklifts as part of IT Propulsion, a company-wide program designed to improve business reactivity through the use of 3D data and improved information management and sharing. TICO will integrate its 3D models, 2D drawings, technical documentation and BOM (Bill of Materials) using SMARTEAM, which provides powerful collaborative product development and lifecycle management solutions. Said Kimpei Mitsuya, director and member of the board, Global IT Division, TICO: "We achieved our original targets both by shortening the High Pick Lift development period from 18 to ten months and by reducing development costs by 53%. In addition, this product won the `Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturer's Award' for its gentle curved design."

URL: http://www.toyota-industries.com
URL: http://www.ibm.com
URL: http://www.3ds.com

215.09 Industrial Baking Machine Design

Five members of one of the world's largest food industry companies are using 70 licenses of SolidWorks 3D CAD software to design their industrial baking machines. These subsidiaries of the Horstmann Lebensmittelgruppe are using SolidWorks to transition from 2D to 3D design and accelerate product design cycles to bring bread-making equipment to market more quickly than with 2D design software. Large commercial baking companies rely on precisely engineered, automated machines linked together by a web of conveyor belts. SolidWorks' large assembly and collision detection capabilities will help the Horstmann companies ensure that every element in the system operates exactly as it should, so they can meet strict daily production schedules. Horstmann companies are working with SolidWorks reseller SPI for ongoing software implementation, training, and support.

URL: http://www.spi.de
URL: http://www.solidworks.com

215.10 Mazda Engine Design and Development

SGI Japan Ltd has completed the implementation of an SGI Origin 3800 supercomputer for Mazda Motor Corporation. Mazda has been conducting various challenges in its new automobile design and development and the SGI system is being used to enhance CAE capabilities for fluid dynamics and structure analysis related to engine design and development. Previously, CAE server access was limited to CAE engineering specialists in the analysis group. However, Mazda and CD-adapco Japan have jointly developed an Analysis Support System ("PTECS") that enables the CAE server to be directly used by engineers in the design group. With improvements in the application environment providing expanded productivity options, more users are now able to directly access the SGI Origin 3800 CAE server, further advancing Mazda's new automobile development projects. The new system was sold jointly with Sumisho Electronics.

URL: http://www.sgi.com

215.11 Games Developer Standardizes on 3ds max 5

Argonaut Games PLC, the developer behind games such as Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for PlayStation1 (PS1), Croc and Croc2, has standardized its animation facilities with the purchase of 110 copies of Discreet's 3ds max 5 animation software. UK-based reseller Blue GFX made the sale.

URL: http://www.argonaut.com/swat.asp
URL: http://www.discreet.com/products/3dsmax5
URL: http://www.bluegfx.com

215.12 Sony Uses 3D Scanning and Facial Morphing

Computer gaming fans can expect to see one of the most realistic games to date when Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) releases "The Getaway" on December 6. The Playstation 2 game promises high-speed chases, fires, explosions and gun battles that make players feel like they're part of an action-packed film. The setting is a 30-mile section of the foggy streets of London so realistic that players can see the cracks in the pavement. The more than 100 life-like characters and elaborate scenery would have been impossible to create in a timely manner without the help of new 3D scanning and facial morphing technologies. SCEE developers achieved accuracy by digitally recreating real actors and their clothing. The ShapeSnatcher Suite 3D scanning and modeling system from Eyetronics allowed SCEE to scan and model the actors' faces, and real-time motion capture put the finishing touches on the characters' movements.

URL: http://www.eyetronics.com

215.13 Real-Time Content Which Will Be Common

Tim Child, Chairman of Televirtual, has written to us about "the sort of real-time content which will be common by mid next year. This is actually running about 35 fps on a 2.3 ghtz Pentium 4. The GPU is an NVIDIA Quadro, but it's overclocked. Hardware pixel shading is engaged. There's probably another 2 - 2.5 times more grunt available with FX although some of this can be traded off in the quality area." The demo is just over 5 meg. To retrieve RIGHT click on file.globe.wrmv, and 'save target as', which will stop it auto opening and streaming. Try it and tell us what you think.

URL: http://www.televirtual.fsbusiness.co.uk/movies

215.14 Quote of the Issue

"Progress isn't made by cynics or doubters. Progress is made by those that believe everything is possible" - Carly Fiorina, CEO of HP.

215.15 3D Display

VIZTA3D Inc (formerly Dimensional Media Associates) has released a 3D display, the Z 20/20, based on DepthCube technology. Unlike conventional single panel 2D monitors, the Z 20/20 has 20 liquid crystal display panels stacked together. At the core of this technology is a light engine featuring Texas Instruments DLP technology; combinations of liquid crystal technology; and a flexible software programming interface. The Z 20/20 consists of two main components: a high-speed video projector and a multi-planar optical element. The high-speed video projector projects a sequence of slices of the 3D image into the multi-planar optical element where each slice is halted at the proper depth. Proprietary software smoothes the appearance of the resulting stack of image slices to create a continuous, 3D image with the physical depth cues and perspective associated with viewing objects naturally. VIZTA3D worked closely with the following technology partners in the development of the Z 20/20: Celestica, Minolta, Texas Instruments and Urbonix.

URL: http://www.vizta3d.com

Seen at Comdex: the Smartron N100, a digital LC 3D monitor designed in Russia and being marketed in the USA with focus on medical and defense sectors.

215.16 Re-purpose 3D Data

i3Dimensions has announced the commercial availability of its NGRAIN product portfolio. Designed for non-technical users, the NGRAIN Solution allows existing 3D data to be re-purposed for use in a wide range of applications, including training, maintenance and service, documentation, sales and marketing, and customer support.

URL: http://www.ngrain.com

215.17 New Features and Functionality for 3D Controllers

3Dconnexion, the developer of 3D controllers, has announced a range of new features and functionality for Version 5 Release 10 of Dassault Systemes 3D PLM solutions, which include CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA. This is the first product delivery of the 2002 technology development agreement between the two companies. 3Dconnexion is a market leader in 3D input devices for the growing field of 3D motion control, used in the CAD, EDA (Electronic Design Automation), GIS and DCC (Digital Content Creation) markets. Over 200,000 professionals use 3Dconnexion controllers, including its SpaceBall and SpaceMouse.

URL: http://www.3Dconnexion.com
URL: http://www.3ds.com

215.18 E&S Presenting with SimAuthor

Evans & Sutherland Computer and SimAuthor are making joint public demonstrations of FlightViz Simulator Debrief System. By combining E&S's EP(TM) (Environment Processor) technology with SimAuthor's FlightViz visualization software, the companies have developed one of the most realistic, high-fidelity training debrief, FOQA, and airport familiarization systems. The FlightViz system provides a fully correlated, all-digital debrief capable of using the same visual scenes as those used in the simulator.

URL: http://www.es.com

215.19 Hewlett Packard on Its Fourth Quarter Results

Congratulations to Hewlett Packard on its fourth quarter results for the period to October 31st, the second set since the purchase of Compaq in May. Net income was $390m compared to a net loss of $505m. Revenue from the Enterprise Division at $4.1bn was up 8%. HP has just started a worldwide branding campaign that will cost more than £300m next year. Lets hope some of it will raise awareness about the benefits of visualization and simulation systems.

215.20 InterSense Enhances AuSIM

AuSIM has enhanced its GoldSeries audio simulation systems with the addition of head-orientation trackers from InterSense. AuSIM's audio servers synthesize a sound space using physical modeling and empirical data. Motion tracking facilitates the interaction between the listener and the simulated audio environment by controlling the relative position of sound in the listener's headphones. InterSense's InertiaCube2 tracker, which provides three degrees of freedom tracking will become part of AuSIM's GoldMiner and RollingNugget development systems.

URL: http://audiosimulation.com/
URL: http://www.isense.com

215.21 NewTek Bundled with BOXX

BOXX Technologies, developer of digital content creation systems for the design, entertainment and digital film industries, has announced a marketing and distribution agreement with NewTek to bundle and distribute NewTek's LightWave3D graphics and animation software on BOXX's 3DBOXX workstation.

URL: http://www.newtek.com
URL: http://www.boxxtech.com

215.22 Wildcat4 7110 Option for Dell & IBM

Dell will ship the 3Dlabs Wildcat4 7110 graphics accelerator as a high-end graphics option for its AGP 8x-based Precision Workstation 450 and 650. These workstations use Intel's recently announced E7505 chipset. Shipping with 256MB of on-board memory, Wildcat4 7110 is engineered to provide high-end graphics performance with the new-generation of AGP 8x workstations by transferring a full 2GB of graphics information per second to the graphics subsystem for geometry-intensive performance. Wildcat4 is available on Windows 2000 and XP operating systems with custom drivers for AutoCAD and 3ds max. 3Dlabs expects to introduce 3D-optimized Linux drivers for the Wildcat4 early in 2003.

The complete family of Wildcat4 7110 graphics accelerators is available in IBM's latest IntelliStation workstations. The IBM IntelliStation M Pro 6219 and IntelliStation Z Pro 6221 will offer the Wildcat4 7110 as its standard high-end graphics option. Both workstations will also be available with the ultra high-end Wildcat4 7210 as a special order.

215.23 UnitedLinux

The UnitedLinux group has announced the release of Version 1.0 of its UnitedLinux product, a standards-based Linux operating system targeted at the business user. UnitedLinux is the result of an industry initiative to streamline Linux development and certification around a global, uniform distribution of Linux. Founding companies of UnitedLinux are Conectiva SA, The SCO Group, SuSE Linux AG, and Turbolinux. UnitedLinux Version 1.0 is the engine that powers products to be sold by the four companies, each with its own local language support, value-add features, and pricing. UnitedLinux is a partnership of Linux companies combining their intellectual property, geographic mind share, sales, support and marketing expertise to produce a uniform distribution of Linux designed for business.

URL: http://www.unitedlinux.com

215.24 Web3D Consortium

The Web3D 2003 Symposium, the annual winter meeting of the Web3D Consortium, is scheduled for March 9-12, 2003, in Saint Malo, France. Keynote speakers are Joern Ostermann of AT&T Labs, Victor Ostromoukhov, University of Montreal, and Olivier Avaro of France Telecom. Also, The CAD Working Group of the Web3D Consortium, which has now met twice and is meeting about every two months, is planning to schedule a two-day working meeting in conjunction with the Web3D 2003 symposium.

URL: http://www.web3d.org

215.25 Worth Watching: 3D on 'Phones

Seen at Comdex: 3D software for mobile telephones and PDAs, the Mascot Capsule Micro 3D Edition from Japan. The engine has already been ported to and embedded in the J-Phone cellular handset environment and NTT DoCoMo handsets from various manufacturers. Relationships include ARM, Canon, Disney Interactive Japan, Fuji Film, Hitachi, Intel, Sega and Sony. NTT DoCoMo's mova SH251iS features a 3D color LCD. The company's popular i-shot service allows users to transmit still images taken with compatible mobile phones having built-in digital cameras. Launched in June 2002, the service has proved a major hit with the Japanese market and currently enjoys over 2.5 million subscribers. The model's built-in 310,000-pixel CCD camera allows users to record and store up to 50 ten-second video clips, while approximately 1,000 still images can be stored in normal mode. In addition, the camera is capable of taking six still images per second. A macro function enables clear close-up shots of subjects. NTT DoCoMo has more than 44 million customers.

URL: http://www.nttdocomo.com

Upcoming events

215.26 CyberTherapy 2003

This year's theme acknowledges the increasing use of advanced technologies, including VR, in mental health, disabilities and rehabilitation. San Diego, California, USA - 19-20 January 2003.

URL: http://www.e-therapy.info

215.27 SGI VizSummit

SGI VizSummit will be held in Paris, France on February 3-5, 2003. Opening sessions include presentations by Steve Coggins, Bob Bishop and Dr Eng Lim Goh - all of SGI. Customer success stories include "Using Virtual Reality for Genome Analysis" at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development. "Science Discovery and Outreach with Collaborative Visualization" by David Hughes of SGI is sure to be fascinating. Themes include Edutainment and Museums, Astrophysics and Planetariums, Public Experiences, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Application, Biology and Medical Application and more.

URL: http://www.sgi.com

215.28 Solid Edge Global Summit

The Fifth annual Solid Edge Global Summit is set for February 19-21, 2003 at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort near Orlando, Florida. Keynotes from EDS PLM Solutions executives, Voyager Program exhibition, Solid Edge user presentations, hands-on training, business management conference, developers' conference, social activities and more is on the agenda.

URL: http://www.solidedge.com/summit

215.29 Web3D 2003 Symposium

The Web3D 2003 Symposium, the annual winter meeting of the Web3D Consortium, is scheduled for March 9-12, 2003, in Saint Malo, France. Keynote speakers are Joern Ostermann of AT&T Labs, Victor Ostromoukhov, University of Montreal, and Olivier Avaro of France Telecom.

URL: http://www.web3d.org

215.30 IEEE VR2003

IEEE VR2003: Los Angeles, USA - March 22 to 26, 2003.

URL: http://www.vr2003.org

215.31 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics

2003 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics: California, USA - April 27 to 30, 2003.

URL: http://movesinstitute.org/I3D.html
URL: http://siggraph.org/i3d

215.32 Casa'2003

The 16th International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (Casa'2003). Rutgers University - May 7-9, 2003

URL: http://www.cbim.rutgers.edu/conferences/casa2003

215.33 Vision, Video and Graphics 2003

Vision, Video and Graphics 2003: July 10-11, 2003 - Bath, UK. The intersection of computer graphics and computer vision promises many new application areas and raises new fundamental questions. This conference is a response to this developing area, and its purpose is to promote cooperation between the graphic and vision communities. Original papers related to the following themes are invited Image based rendering (view synthesis from other images), Models from images and video, for graphics and visualization, applications, Augmented reality, Video augmented environments, Graphics models for vision applications and more. Submission deadline is March 7, 2003.

URL: http://www.cs.bath.ac.uk/vvg/

213.34 SIGGRAPH 2003

SIGGRAPH 2003, the 30th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, which will be held 27 - 31 July, in San Diego, California, USA, has issued its Call for Participation looking for both first-time and veteran contributors in three areas: presentations, experiences, and services. The presentations are Courses, Educators Program, Papers, Sketches and Applications, and Web Graphics. The experiences are Art Gallery CG03: Computer Graphics 2003, Computer Animation Festival, and Emerging Technologies: Electronic Speedway. The call is also seeking volunteers and support for services, which are GraphicsNet, International Resources, Pathfinders, and Student Opportunities.

URL: http://www.siggraph.org/s2003/cfp

For extensive information about events relevant to the European VR/i3D community, see the events pages on El.pub: for Europe: base05.htm, for the rest of the world: connone.htm

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