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Users, Applications & Projects
01 Christie, RealSims & the US Navy
02 SGI for JSF
03 LeTourneau Moves from 2D
04 Belgian University Teaches 3D Skills
05 2,500 Copies of 3ds max 5
06 Development for Mitsubishi Motors

Products & Services
07 Passive Stereo for Large Audiences
08 Haptic Workstation
09 PC Based Multi-Sided Immersive Environment
10 Virtual Manuals by Cortona Movie Maker
11 Animation Software for Video Production
12 3D Modeling Products
13 Latest HOOPS-Based Part Viewers
14 Extend v6 Simulation Software

Companies & Markets
15 Cubicspace and ArchVision
16 Encouraging Results for SEOS/Trimension
17 Name Change & Web Site
18 3DLabs for HP

Worth Watching
19 Flexible Screens and Monitors
20 Rewritable Holographic Data Storage
21 Low-Power Mobile Display Controller

22 LMS: Willy Bakkers

Events & Calls for Papers
23 CyberTherapy 2003
24 SGI VizSummit
25 Solid Edge Global Summit
26 Web3D 2003 Symposium
27 IEEE VR2003
28 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics
29 Casa'2003
30 Vision, Video and Graphics 2003
31 SIGGRAPH 2003
32 More Events

216.01 Christie, RealSims & the US Navy

Christie has been showing three, single-chip DLP projection cubes using RealSims' FasTrac reconfigurable simulator. FasTrac is a mounting system used in conjunction with MicroSim software in a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 environment to link multiple military operations. RealSims, LLC, a participant company in the University of Central Florida Technology Incubator, developed FasTrac, a reconfigurable simulator product projected to be a major new defense industry product this year. RealSims recently won a major defense contract to supply FasTrac to the US Navy research laboratory at NAVAIR Orlando.

Christie's GraphXMaster CS70 projection cubes are integral to FasTrac by providing 1280x1024 resolution and bright images in order to simulate the real-to-life experience of military helicopter training. Low altitude flight imposes heavy demands on Image Generators, Databases and projection systems that require the accurate processing of hundreds of thousands of polygons per frame in order to reproduce a realistic rendering of the scene at 180 degrees.

Christie has given a public demonstration of a Bell 206/TH57 helicopter trainer simulator and of MirageSIM, a purpose-built three-chip DLP simulation projector combining high resolution, high contrast and Christie edge-blending technology in a single system to support seamless mapping of large-scale images across several screens. Based on an SXGA resolution (1280x1024) light engine with dark metal digital micro-mirror devices (DMDs), the MirageSIM features a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and improved black level for the display of close-to-reality images.

216.02 SGI for JSF

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co has purchased SGI visualization systems to power their F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) flight simulation laboratory in Fort Worth, Texas. These SGI graphics systems will help the lab further refine the design of this stealthy, next-generation fighter aircraft.

"The cornerstone of the F-35 is affordability, achieved in large part through a very high level of common parts and systems across the three versions of the aircraft," said Tom Burbage, Lockheed Martin executive vice president and F-35 JSF program general manager. "...visualization technology has helped us achieve that commonality through significant advancement in the design of the aircraft, and we will rely on that technology as we approach the JSF program's next milestone, Preliminary Design Review, which is scheduled for March 2003."

URL: http://www.sgi.com

216.03 LeTourneau Moves from 2D

The LeTourneau Inc. Equipment Group has implemented EDS' Solid Edge CAD system. The Longview, Texas-based manufacturer of mining, forestry and intermodal equipment evaluated several systems and purchased 25 licenses of Solid Edge for its combination of CAD and design management capabilities. For several years, the LeTourneau Inc. Equipment Group has wanted to make the move from its old 2D system to the much more productive environment of 3D solid modeling.

URL: http://www.solidedge.com
URL: http://www.letourneau-inc.com

216.04 Belgian University Teaches 3D Skills

Belgium's largest industrial design university, Kaho Sint-Lieven, is equipping its engineering students with the 3D CAD skills they will need in their professional careers by incorporating SolidWorks software into its curriculum. The university purchased 60 seats of SolidWorks, which it will use to teach students how to create solid models quickly and easily. "It's far more important for our students to spend more of their time honing the skills that employers want than learning to use complicated software," said Benny De Man, an engineer at Kaho Sint-Lieven. Kaho Sint-Lieven is working with Cadmes, an authorized SolidWorks reseller and certified trainer for ongoing support.

URL: http://www.kahosl.be
URL: http://www.solidworks.com

216.05 2,500 Copies of 3ds max 5

Discreet has announced an expanded partnership with The Art Institutes, which has purchased 2,500 copies of 3ds max 5 for use in its design and art schools throughout North America. The Art Institutes system of 27 education institutions is located throughout North America, providing an important source of design, media arts, fashion and culinary professionals. The parent company of The Art Institutes, Education Management Corporation is among the largest providers of private post-secondary education in North America, with 43 primary campus locations in 26 major cities, and with more than 43,000 students as of fall 2002.

URL: http://www.discreet.com
URL: http://www.artinstututes.edu

216.06 Development for Mitsubishi Motors

The Engineering Services Division of LMS was recently awarded development responsibility for full-vehicle NVH, durability, ride & handling and cross-attribute optimization for Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's (MMC) next-generation platform. The new platform will be engineered to support a number of variants. As a vehicle intended for markets in Japan, Europe and the USA, a variety of local driving conditions will have an impact on the design and performance attributes.

The LMS mandate includes doing design evaluations for the variants, ensuring that the multiple upper body variants will perform according to target with respect to NVH and durability work on the single platform. The LMS responsibility starts by guiding the target setting process and will continue through to the final prototype validation. The Mitsubishi project calls for intense use of virtual prototyping techniques, where test and simulation data are combined to predict the structural behavior of the vehicle, and its functional performance.

URL: http://www.lmsintl.com

216.07 Passive Stereo for Large Audiences

Christie has announced the Montage LX33, a fully integrated passive stereo solution that enables a large viewing audience to see 3D stereo images in high ambient light conditions using entry-level Christie projectors with passive stereo polarization glasses. The Montage LX33 comes with two Christie 3300 ANSI lumens (total 6600 ANSI lumens without polarization filters) LCD projectors at XGA resolution, a 6-axis adjustable stacker, Christie's Active to Passive 3D Converter, a polarization stand with two linear polarizers, a dedicated power bar, all necessary cables and a set of 10 passive stereo glasses.

The AP Converter converts an incoming active stereo 3D signal to two passive stereo 3D output signals. The separated left-eye and right-eye information is routed to two stacked Christie LCD projectors and then viewed through polarized 3D glasses for quality stereoscopic images on a non-depolarizing screen. Featuring input resolution compatibility from 640x480 (VGA) up to 1280x1024 (SXGA) the system is platform and software independent. Montage LX33 features three optional zoom lenses: short throw 1.3-1.8:1, medium throw 1.8-2.1:1 and long throw 2.4-4.3:1.

URL: http://www.christiedigital.com

216.08 Haptic Workstation

Immersion Corporation, a developer and licensor of haptic feedback technology, has unveiled a 3D interaction product called the Haptic Workstation. The workstation includes right-hand and left-hand CyberForce whole-hand force-feedback systems providing programmable haptic feedback to the fingers and hands. The CyberForce system also provides six-degrees-of-freedom positional tracking that measures translation and rotation of the hands in three dimensions. The workstation ships with CAD model interaction software and an immersive head-mounted display.

URL: http://www.immersion.com

216.09 PC Based Multi-Sided Immersive Environment

EON Reality and VizTek have announced the release of ICUBE, a PC based multi-sided immersive environment in which participants are completely surrounded by virtual imagery and 3D sound. The ICUBE consists of 3, 4 or 6 walls that can be setup in any configuration. Thanks to the rear-projection of the images and the image continuity in the corners, the illusion of a complete sense of presence in the virtual environment is created. The system is compatible with tracking and input devices. It is built on PC technology whereby several PCs are synchronized together to generate simultaneous images in stereo on multiple walls seamlessly.

URL: http://www.eonreality.com
URL: http://www.viz-tek.com

216.10 Virtual Manuals by Cortona Movie Maker

ParallelGraphics has released Cortona Movie Maker 1.0. Virtual Manuals can now be delivered in video format by using Cortona Movie Maker. Virtual Manuals are more flexible than traditional training materials and are key tools in the delivery of customer support, training and maintenance activities. Cortona Movie Maker creates high-resolution and high-quality movies based on VRML models by capturing all the movements, animations and user actions and then recording them as a digital movie in any popular video format - including streaming video.

URL: http://www.parallelgraphics.com/products/moviemaker

216.11 Animation Software for Video Production

Ulead Systems Inc, a developer of image editing, video editing and DVD authoring software, has introduced Ulead COOL 3D Studio, 3D animation software for video production. COOL 3D Studio offers tools specifically designed for video editing professionals. Features include an independent key-frame timeline for each graphic object, the ability to pad frames before, in the middle, or after a given animation, and the power to import 3D Studio Max and DirectX models.

URL: http://www.ulead.com

216.12 3D Modeling Products

Spatial Corp has announced the R10 release of its line of 3D modeling products. This selection includes the 3D ACIS Modeler (ACIS), 3D ACIS PHL V5, and 3D ACIS Deformable Modeling. The R10 release increases performance, augments surfacing functionality, and enhances compatibility.

URL: http://www.spatial.com

216.13 Latest HOOPS-Based Part Viewers

Tech Soft America (TSA), a provider of graphics components to the engineering software industry, has released the latest versions of their HOOPS-based part viewers. Thousands of these viewers are in use by individuals at major manufacturing organizations such as Boeing, Saab, Fujitsu, Caterpillar, John Deere, BMW, Rolls Royce, Panasonic, Northrop Grumman and Suzuki.

URL: http://www.hoops3d.com

216.14 Extend v6 Simulation Software

Imagine That, Inc has announced Extend v6, a new version of its simulation software. The release delivers new features including an enhanced intuitive interface, high-performance modeling, and advanced analysis tools. Extend v6 features an Explorer-style Navigator that allows you to click and jump through model structures. You can also switch between classic blocks and 3D flowchart icons. Extend v6 has enhanced object linking and embedding that brings ActiveX controls and OLE embedded objects into your models.

URL: http://www.imaginethatinc.com

216.15 Cubicspace and ArchVision

Cubicspace and ArchVision have signed a licensing agreement to support the use of RPC (rich photo-realistic content) within rtre, the real-time visualization solution recently launched by Cubicspace. Users can add multiple RPC objects straight into rtre while running Autodesk VIZ 4 and 3ds max 4 and 5. The objects are then automatically incorporated into real-time rendered scenes, creating high quality output as still images, movies or stand-alone presentations, in moments. Cubicspace has been previewing RPC for rtre at the Autodesk University Conference. A downloadable trial version of rtre is available.

URL: http://www.cubicspace.com/rtre
URL: http://www.archvision.com

216.16 Encouraging Results for SEOS/Trimension

SEOS Limited, supplier of display and immersive solutions for the civil and military training and research, visualization, leisure and entertainment markets, has reported financial results for the twelve months ending 30th June 2002. Revenues in the year increased by 16% to £25.4m. During the second half, a sister company, Trimension Systems Limited, was acquired which contributed £2.2m of this growth. Simulation sales grew by 6% compared to last year on a like for like basis. Retained earnings for the year were £1.3m, an improvement of more than £2m over the same period last year.

URL: http://www.seos.com

216.17 Name Change & Web Site

i2i GmbH, formerly Dresden 3D GmbH, has been renamed SeeReal Technologies GmbH. The objective of the new company is continue and stabilize the development of 3D display technology as started by Dresden 3D. The company has also launched a new web site.

URL: http://www.seereal.com

216.18 3DLabs for HP

3Dlabs has certified the Wildcat 4 graphics accelerators as high-end graphics solutions for the new HP workstations xw5000, xw6000 and xw8000. Both the Wildcat4 7110 and 7210 will be available from selected resellers and certified on HP workstations. This follows recent announcements by 3Dlabs of its Wildcat4 solutions also becoming available with Dell and IBM workstations.

216.19 Flexible Screens and Monitors

Portable, poster-like television screens and monitors made of a single sheet of flexible plastic may be one step closer to reality as a result of new materials that have been described by Xerox Corporation researchers. Beng Ong, a research fellow at Xerox Research Centre of Canada, described the design and synthesis of breakthrough semiconducting organic polymers that show promise for printing electronic patterns on a plastic substrate - the plastic equivalent of etching circuits on silicon wafers. Printed plastic transistors augur an inexpensive, easy-to-manufacture alternative to silicon electronics, which are difficult to fabricate and can cost up to $10,000 per square meter.

"One of the main cost advantages of printed plastic transistors is that they will not need specialized, costly fabrication facilities and procedures, while silicon transistors require ultra-clean room environments, high-temperature vacuum systems, and complex, photolithographic processes," said Ong, an inventor who holds more than 110 U.S. patents and who manages the printed organic electronics group at XRCC in Mississauga, Ontario.

URL: http://www.xerox.com/innovation
URL: http://www.parc.com

216.20 Rewritable Holographic Data Storage

InPhase Technologies is to develop a high performance rewritable holographic data storage media through a project grant from the Advanced Technology Program (ATP), part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The two-year project, to be administered by NIST, commenced in October, 2002 and consists of a $2,000,000 grant to InPhase from the ATP for the development and demonstration of rewritable recording materials for holographic data storage systems that offer ultrahigh storage density and data access rates. Under terms of the ATP project, InPhase will retain the desirable characteristics of its existing holographic materials while adding a reversible imaging component. After optimizing the new material and characterizing the resulting media, InPhase will build a device to demonstrate recording and recovery of streaming digital video files.

InPhase Technologies has closed the first segment of its projected $15 million second round of funding. InPhase has secured $6.3 million in equity financing, and will consider additional investments of up to $8.7 million in a subsequent close by September 2003. New Venture Partners LLC, which was founded in 1997 as Lucent Technologies' New Ventures Group, led the round. New Venture Partners has created and financed a succession of companies built upon Bell Labs technologies. New investor Hitachi Maxell, Ltd., which entered into a joint development agreement with InPhase, has committed to strategic funding. In addition, existing InPhase investor Newton Technology Partners, an international venture capital firm focusing on early stage information technology (IT) opportunities, has invested in this second round.

URL: http://www.inphase-technologies.com

216.21 Low-Power Mobile Display Controller

Silicon Motion's LynxEM+ low-power mobile display controller was designed into new VISYM PD1500 of NEC-Mitsubishi Electric Visual Systems Corporation (NMV). The VISYM PD1500 is a new ultra-portable LCD intelligent display for the Japanese market that enables users to make a presentation without using a PC. Its 15-inch LCD display can display PowerPoint files with animation and still image files, and also can be used as a LCD monitor. The VISYM PD1500 is suitable for small-group meetings as it weighs four pounds and is 1/2 inch wide at the minimum part. It comes equipped with a memory card slot compatible with PCMCIA memory cards, and when unplugged can work up to 2 hours with an optional battery.

URL: http://www.nmv.co.jp
URL: http://www.siliconmotion.com

216.22 LMS: Willy Bakkers

LMS International, the Test, CAE and Engineering Service solutions for functional performance engineering, has announced the return of Willy Bakkers to LMS, in the position of Corporate Vice President Marketing. For the last two years he headed the Emissions Test Systems and Instrumentation business unit of AVL List GMBH in Graz, Austria.

URL: http://www.lmsna.com


216.23 CyberTherapy 2003

This year's theme acknowledges the increasing use of advanced technologies, including VR, in mental health, disabilities and rehabilitation. San Diego, California, USA - 19-20 January 2003.

URL: http://www.e-therapy.info

216.24 SGI VizSummit

SGI VizSummit will be held in Paris, France on February 3-5, 2003. Opening sessions include presentations by Steve Coggins, Bob Bishop and Dr Eng Lim Goh - all of SGI. Customer success stories include "Using Virtual Reality for Genome Analysis" at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development. "Science Discovery and Outreach with Collaborative Visualization" by David Hughes of SGI is sure to be fascinating. Themes include Edutainment and Museums, Astrophysics and Planetariums, Public Experiences, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Application, Biology and Medical Application and more.

URL: http://www.sgi.com

216.25 Solid Edge Global Summit

The Fifth annual Solid Edge Global Summit is set for February 19-21, 2003 at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort near Orlando, Florida. Keynotes from EDS PLM Solutions executives, Voyager Program exhibition, Solid Edge user presentations, hands-on training, business management conference, developers' conference, social activities and more is on the agenda.

URL: http://www.solidedge.com/summit

216.26 Web3D 2003 Symposium

The Web3D 2003 Symposium, the annual winter meeting of the Web3D Consortium, is scheduled for March 9-12, 2003, in Saint Malo, France. Keynote speakers are Joern Ostermann of AT&T Labs, Victor Ostromoukhov, University of Montreal, and Olivier Avaro of France Telecom.

URL: http://www.web3d.org

216.27 IEEE VR2003

IEEE VR2003: Los Angeles, USA - March 22 to 26, 2003.

URL: http://www.vr2003.org

216.28 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics

2003 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics: California, USA - April 27 to 30, 2003.

URL: http://movesinstitute.org/I3D.html
URL: http://siggraph.org/i3d

216.29 Casa 2003

The 16th International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (Casa'2003). Rutgers University - May 7-9, 2003.

URL: http://www.cbim.rutgers.edu/conferences/casa2003

216.30 Vision, Video and Graphics 2003

Vision, Video and Graphics 2003: July 10-11, 2003 - Bath, UK. The intersection of computer graphics and computer vision promises many new application areas and raises new fundamental questions. This conference is a response to this developing area, and its purpose is to promote cooperation between the graphic and vision communities. Original papers related to the following themes are invited Image based rendering (view synthesis from other images), Models from images and video, for graphics and visualization, applications, Augmented reality, Video augmented environments, Graphics models for vision applications and more. Submission deadline is March 7, 2003.

URL: http://www.cs.bath.ac.uk/vvg/

213.31 SIGGRAPH 2003

SIGGRAPH 2003, the 30th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, which will be held 27 - 31 July, in San Diego, California, USA, has issued its Call for Participation looking for both first-time and veteran contributors in three areas: presentations, experiences, and services. The presentations are Courses, Educators Program, Papers, Sketches and Applications, and Web Graphics. The experiences are Art Gallery CG03: Computer Graphics 2003, Computer Animation Festival, and Emerging Technologies: Electronic Speedway. The call is also seeking volunteers and support for services, which are GraphicsNet, International Resources, Pathfinders, and Student Opportunities.

URL: http://www.siggraph.org/s2003/cfp

For extensive information about events relevant to the European VR/i3D community, see the events pages on El.pub: for Europe: base05.htm, for the rest of the world: connone.htm

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