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A Personal Message
01 Personal Perspective

Users, Applications & Projects
02 Shopping Display in 3D
03 Sandia Visualization Design Center Upgraded
04 Scottish Museums to Look at 3D
05 Prada & the America's Cup
06 MetaVR Integrates DI-Guy
07 Development Benefits from 3D

Products & Services
08 Freeform V6 Touch-Based Modeling
09 SIM 4 from Barco
10 DI-Guy 5.0 for Solaris
11 Version 2 of 3DMeNow Professional
12 Creator 2.6 Toolset
13 ImageModeler 3.5 for Mac
14 Invigorator ProAnimator
15 New Version of Pliable Display Technology SDK
16 Revit 5 Now Available
17 Anark Model Exchange Format
18 AutoVue 17

Companies & Markets
19 5D Solutions Assets Acquired by Discreet
20 Continuing Support for 5D by BOXX
21 Bentley Acquires Integrator
22 Discreet Growth
23 How Many Graphics Production Workstation Seats?
24 Digital Content Creation Software Market Study
25 Cordless Milestone
26 Autodesk: First European AICAP Applications

Worth Watching
27 Flat Panel Display

28 Pixar
29 Kaon
30 CTX International

Events & Calls for Papers
31 CyberTherapy 2003
32 SGI VizSummit
33 Solid Edge Global Summit
34 Web3D 2003 Symposium
35 IEEE VR2003
36 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics
37 Casa'2003
38 Joint IPT/EGVE '03 Workshop: Call for Papers.........NEW!
39 Vision, Video and Graphics 2003
40 SIGGRAPH 2003
41 More Events

217.01 Personal Perspective

Many thanks to everyone who has sent seasonal good wishes to VREfresh. We wish we could respond individually - to all 7,000 of you in 72 countries! We wish all our readers a Happy Christmas as well as Peace, Good Health and Prosperity in 2003. Let's hope it's a great year for the VR/i3D community. Thank you to everyone who sent real and virtual cards with seasonal greetings: particularly to VRtainment in Germany. You might like to take a look.

URL: http://www.vrtainment.com/vrtainment_web/x-mas/x-mas.htm

2002 has been a good, if busy, year for VREfresh. We have succeeded in promoting the benefits of VR/i3D in literally thousands of businesses around the world. VREfresh is now received by virtually every major automotive manufacturer, aerospace company, oil and gas producer and civil engineering firm.

Not all is gloom in the business world. Recently we've carried stories on the successful adoption of VR/i3D by familiar names including adidas-Salomon, Airbus, AstraZeneca, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Casio, John Deere, Electrolux, Emerson, Ford, General Motors, Hitachi, Indian Motorcycles, L'Oreal, Lockheed, Mazda, Michelin, NBC, New Balance, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Rayovac, Reebok, Renault, Sauber Petronas, Singapore Airlines, Toyota...

Please continue to send us your news, but PLEASE (especially as we travel extensively) send plain text email without attachments or graphics. We are looking forward to sending VREfresh (still free) in 2003 and to launching a new version of www.VREfresh.com which has been averaging over 8,000 visitors per week.

With thanks and best wishes to you all.

Roger Frampton

217.02 Shopping Display in 3D

Four TriDef powered 42" SynthaGram 3D plasma displays have been delivered by DDD Group and StereoGraphics to Harvey Nichols to create a retail window presentation in the heart of London's exclusive Knightsbridge shopping district. Working closely with Charles Mason and Associates, a retail media creative agency, the 3D display solution was chosen to support the introduction of HN, the debut perfume from Harvey Nichols.

Four 42" StereoGraphics' SynthaGram plasma displays have been installed in the Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge storefront window. Each display presents a custom made 3D animation of the Harvey Nichols logo, complemented by an animated HN perfume bottle that appears to float off the screen, which is designed to attract the attention of pedestrians and shoppers. The StereoGraphics' SynthaGram Monitor combines a plasma display panel, lenticular screen and DDD's TriDef 3D playback system to enable viewing in 3D without glasses.

URL: http://www.ddd.com
URL: http://www.stereographics.com

217.03 Sandia Visualization Design Center Upgraded

Mechdyne, by now maybe Fakespace Systems, has completed a contract to upgrade the projection and display capabilities of Sandia National Laboratories' Visualization Design Center (VDC), a visualization facility for activities ranging from weapons system design and simulation to "war room" exercises. Mechdyne replaced the original projection components with Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors - making it one of the first curved-screen displays to incorporate active stereo DLP technology - and integrated digital geometry correction and soft edge blending hardware to provide display quality. The VDC is an essential element of Sandia's science-based approach to nuclear weapons stockpile stewardship.

This new methodology depends on advanced computational methods, enabled by improvements in modeling and simulation and requires improved tools for visualization, data comprehension and remote collaboration. The computers, display systems and software tools in the VDC enable designers and engineers to better comprehend complex systems. One of the latest applications of the VDC is to host the Weapons of Mass Destruction Decision Analysis Center (WMD DAC). The WMD DAC team utilizes the VDC to simulate possible terrorist events to better prepare officials for the decisions they may face in such situations. Sandia is a government-owned/contractor operated (GOCO) facility. Lockheed Martin manages Sandia for the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration.

(Mechdyne Corporation and Fakespace Systems Inc announced on Nov. 18 that they have signed a letter of intent to merge their businesses by the end of the year. The merged company will be called Fakespace Systems.)

URL: http://www.mechdyne.com

217.04 Scottish Museums to Look at 3D

Arius 3D Europe, which announced a $10.5 million digital imaging centre in Dundee in June, is now setting up a new commercial operation in Alva, Scotland. 30 jobs will be created in the local area by the new company, which uses scanning technology to produce 3D digital images. The potential of the new technology offered by Arius3D has attracted interest from the National Museums of Scotland, who are working with the company to explore the possibilities of producing 3D scans of the most important treasures of the Museums of Scotland.

217.05 Prada & the America's Cup

As Italy's Prada Challenge 2003 team sets course for competing in the America's Cup 2003, their Luna Rossa crew has sailed its yacht, designed using SGI technology, into the Louis Vuitton Cup Semifinals, which began on December 9 in Auckland, New Zealand. The winner of the best-of-seven series emerges to vie for the role of challenger of the America's Cup. The Italian sailing team turned to SGI to help strengthen the team's competitive edge using computing and visualization solutions. The yacht was conceived and built within three years by a design team that used integrated design and engineering technology to simulate the stresses caused by different weather and sea conditions. Yacht design poses challenges, with one of the toughest being the complexity of simultaneously analyzing the effects of two distinct variables, air and water, on a boat.

URL: http://www.sgi.com

217.06 MetaVR Integrates DI-Guy

MetaVR has integrated DI-Guy soldier simulations into its Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) product line. DI-Guy provides dismounted infantry and civilians and supports joystick control of individual characters, enabling MetaVR's Microsoft DirectX-based 3D visualization product line to reach a wider range of applications. MetaVR's VRSG with First Person Simulator (FPS) is currently used at the Unit of Action Maneuver Battle Lab (UAMBL) at Ft. Knox for Future Combat Systems (FCS) simulation experiments. FPS immerses warfighters in military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) training scenarios involving several hundred thousand building structures in Eastern Europe. The U.S. Army 25th Infantry Division is using a MetaVR and DI-Guy-enabled CAVE simulation to train soldiers in forward observer artillery scenarios. Ft. Benning uses the DI-Guy enabled VRSG to visualize dismounted infantry in their networked simulations.

URL: http://www.bdi.com
URL: http://www.metavr.com

217.07 Development Benefits from 3D

ART VPS has announced that DLA Graphics is employing their 3D visualization solutions. DLA Graphics specializes in projects for the architectural and building development industry. The first project to be completed by DLA Graphics with PURE is for a project by sister company DLA Architecture called Chapel Quarter, a new build scheme in the centre of Nottingham being developed by Landmark Development Projects Ltd and Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Ltd. A mixed-use development, comprising commercial and leisure businesses with a hotel, Chapel Quarter is currently undergoing construction. DLA Graphics brief was to create a set of images that the client could show prospective tenants, getting them interested in and signed up to space occupancy, prior to site completion.

URL: http://www.dla-graphics.co.uk
URL: http://www.artvps.com

217.08 Freeform V6 Touch-Based Modeling

SensAble Technologies' FreeForm Version 6, latest release of the touch-based modeling system, will be available for purchase later this month. FreeForm Version 6 speeds the digital production and design approval process, resulting in a reduction in time-to-market. FreeForm Version 6 is sold in two packages - FreeForm Version 6 and FreeForm Plus Version 6. FreeForm Version 6 offers a full suite of touch-based modeling tools. FreeForm Plus Version 6 adds advanced design tools for creating precise features, deforming models and exporting models as NURB surfaces.

Both packages will be available via direct and reseller channels beginning later this month with list prices starting at $15,000. The system runs on Windows XP and Windows 2000. Also, the company's Visual Communication Package (VCP) Version 1.1 will be available for purchase later this month. With the Render and Publish modules, the VCP allows FreeForm system users to share models with others involved in the product development process, from concept creation to finished part. VCP Version 1.1 is an add-on to Version 6 of the FreeForm and FreeForm Plus modeling systems. The price of the package is $3,000 with an annual maintenance cost of $570 per year.

URL: http://www.sensable.com

217.09 SIM 4 from Barco

Barco Simulation Products has introduced a single-chip DLP projector specifically designed for simulation applications. The SIM 4 integrates Barco's display experience and simulation specific technology into a package optimized for use in single and multiple channel displays such as those used in Ship's Bridge, Drive and Air Traffic Control Simulators. The BarcoReality SIM 4 features native SXGA resolution and is capable of geometry distortion thanks to the Flex 4, Barco's built-in Non-Linear Image Mapping technology. For optimal integration into multi-channel displays, specific attention has been given to the optimization of the SIM 4. Barco's proprietary Optical Soft Edge Matching achieves seamless multisided blending. The optical engines are chromatically and electronically matched to obtain color uniformity across multiple channels, while brightness levels are maintained by CLO (Constant Light Output). Also, night training is enhanced through the Extended Contrast Ratio (ECR) capability.

URL: http://www.simulation.barco.com

217.10 DI-Guy 5.0 for Solaris

Boston Dynamics has released DI-Guy 5.0 for Sun Microsystems' Solaris Operating Environment (OE). DI-Guy 5.0 is now available on a range of Sun systems, from Sun Blade workstation-based Personal Visualization Systems to the high-end, server-based Workgroup Visualization Systems. DI-Guy is Boston Dynamics' flagship product for adding human characters to real-time 3D simulations. The availability of DI-Guy on Solaris increases Sun's portfolio of available applications for its customers in the military training and simulation industries.

URL: http://www.bdi.com

217.11 Version 2 of 3DMeNow Professional

bioVirtual has announced Version 2 of 3DMeNow Professional, which provides 3D human head modeling from photographs, for real time content and full-motion video authoring professionals. The company has also announced the release of their Full Body
Pack, providing a seamless pipeline from human head modeling and mapping in 3DMeNow Pro 2 to real-time whole figure modeling and animation in 3DSMax. Head textures and geometries from 3DMeNow Professional 2 can be now be merged into a pre-rigged fullbody geometry, preset in whatever way you wish for modeling, animation or both. The Full Body Pack is available now from the bioVirtual website for $1500.

URL: http://www.biovirtual.com/

217.12 Creator 2.6 Toolset

MultiGen-Paradigm has released Creator 2.6 toolset for the generation of optimized object models, high fidelity terrain and synthetic environments for use in realtime 3D visual simulation, urban simulation and other visualization applications.

URL: http://www.multigen-paradigm.com

217.13 ImageModeler 3.5 for Mac

REALVIZ has announced the availability of ImageModeler 3.5, available for the very first time on the Macintosh platform. Using photographs as an approach to 3D content creation, REALVIZ ImageModeler 3.5 is the result of over one year's work, improving workflow processes and productivity levels, whilst enabling the accurate re-creation of objects or scenes. A Windows XP/2000 version of the application is also slated for release in Q1 2003.

URL: http://www.realviz.com/products/im/

217.14 Invigorator ProAnimator

Zaxwerks, creators of the plug-in 3D Invigorator, has released a standalone software product called the Invigorator ProAnimator. According to Zaxwerks, this product enables video editors to create 3D title and logo animations more easily than before. The work flow of the ProAnimator resembles video editing more than it does traditional 3D animating, according to Zaxwerks. Animation clips are spliced, arranged, and trimmed to create a story. The Macintosh version of 3D Invigorator ProAnimator will begin shipping this month, followed by the Windows version in the first quarter of 2003, for $899 per seat. Site licenses are available.

URL: http://www.zaxwerks.com

217.15 New Version of Pliable Display Technology SDK

Two months after beta release, IDELIX Software Inc has released both Version 2.1 of the Pliable Display Technology (PDT) Software Development Kit and the PDT 3d SDK. PDT was developed as a solution to the problems encountered when working with high-density 2D information and 3D models within the spatial limitations of a display screen. PDT provides an efficient method of working with data by enabling end users to view important detail without losing sight of the surrounding information.

PDT 3d SDK is a new product that extends "detail-in-context" viewing functionality to 3D models, such as mechanical drawings. The PDT 3d SDK is built on the existing API of PDT, and offers a way to see an area of interest that is "occluded" or blocked from view by the objects visible in front of it. 3D lenses essentially extend a cone or cylinder toward an object of interest within a 3D model, displacing impeding objects to the outside of the cone or cylinder. Contextual information is preserved, with minimal adjustment to the original structure. This provides users a line-of-sight into a model.

URL: http://www.idelix.com

217.16 Revit 5 Now Available

Autodesk Revit 5 building design and documentation system is available. This building information modeling solution provides capabilities for use on larger and more complex projects, more efficient memory management, and performance and user interface improvements. Communication with the extended design team becomes seamless through native support for the DWG file format, and client communication is enhanced by the ability to quickly create walkthrough animations that convey intricate design concepts. Productivity is improved through increased automation of construction documentation, and new tools, templates, and construction content extend the benefits of this building information modeling solution to the construction community. Autodesk acquired Revit Technology Corporation in April 2002.

URL: http://www.autodesk.com

217.17 Anark Model Exchange Format

Anark Corporation has released the new Anark Model Exchange format for 3D content integration into its multimedia authoring software, Anark Studio. Export plug-ins are available with the Anark Studio 1.5.2 update for Discreet's 3ds max and Plasma, with additional versions to be released on the Anark website. Once installed, the plug-in allows 3D artists to export scenes into an Anark Model Exchange (AMX) file with full retention of 3D data. Anark stated that the launch of their new file format and exporters will allow integration with 3D modeling tools, allowing content creators to further surpass the boundaries of traditional multimedia using Anark Studio.

URL: http://www.anark.com

217.18 AutoVue 17

Cimmetry Systems has released AutoVue 17 with a thin-client solution to provide online real-time Visualization & Collaboration for 2D/3D CAD, EDA & office documents. AutoVue allows users to view, markup and collaborate on 200 native document formats from a common UI. Available as a Windows application or a thin-client server based solution, the product allows users to access and provide feedback on critical product data, regardless of format, either locally or over a network/Internet. The AutoVue API is also available to OEM partners wishing to add visualization, markup and real-time collaboration capability to their products.

URL: http://www.cimmetry.com/FileFormats17

217.19 5D Solutions Assets Acquired by Discreet

Discreet has closed on a bid for several of the assets of 5D Solutions Ltd, the former London, UK company. Discreet was one of several companies acquiring 5D's assets which were turned over for sale to the appointed liquidator. The liquidation of 5D Solutions Ltd. assets was triggered after 5D elected to close their worldwide offices in October 2002. During the liquidation process Discreet had discussions with several of the founding members of 5D interested in acquiring 5D's key image-processing and plug-in technology through a newly created company known as Speedsix Software.

As these technologies are of potential value to Discreet's customers, Discreet decided early to support Speedsix in their future endeavours. Discreet did not have any interest in purchasing the 5D Solutions Ltd. business, but only selected assets that contained innovative technologies that were of strong interest for its own product development plans. These assets included technologies related to the former Cyborg and Commander products. Discreet is now evaluating the exact integration of these technologies into the company's product line.

217.20 Continuing Support for 5D by BOXX

BOXX Technologies, provider of digital content creation systems for the entertainment and digital film industries, will continue to support BOXX hardware sold with 5D products. Prior to the closure and liquidation of 5D's assets, BOXX enjoyed a longstanding OEM relationship with 5D whereby BOXX provided hardware for 5D solutions such as Cyborg, Commander and Colossus. As recently announced, the assets of 5D, which did not include any intellectual property owned by BOXX Technologies, are under new ownership. BOXX, however, remains committed to supporting the BOXX hardware delivered under the terms of 5D's original warranty agreement.

217.21 Bentley Acquires Integrator

Bentley Systems, Incorporated has acquired substantially all of the business of Cadac Limited, a Bentley Integrator based in the United Kingdom. Bentley has held a minority interest in Cadac since it became a Bentley Integrator in August 2000. Through the acquisition, most of the Cadac employees who served Bentley accounts for Cadac have become employees of Bentley Systems UK. Meta4 Systems, a UK-based firm wholly-owned by Cadac, will continue to serve the small and medium-size enterprise (SME) marketplace as an independent distributor of MicroStation, PowerDraft and other Bentley products.

URL: http://www.bentley.com

217.22 Discreet Growth

Following the refocus of its systems and software products into separate operations, the software division of Discreet has reported continued year-on-year growth across its target markets. The growth is led by 3ds max 5, sales of which have grown by 36% over the last year. Discreet's range of desktop tools for graphics, visualization, animation, finishing and delivery include cleaner, combustion, character studio and plasma as well as 3ds max.

Market share has expanded in all markets for the Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) region, with a most significant growth in film, television and game development. An interesting trend shows several returning customers like ITE, in Denmark, who replaced their 3D seats with 3ds max 5 and continued development of their game and live TV animation character "Hugo the Troll" exclusively on 3ds max 5. Synergy between Discreet and Autodesk Design software allows engineering designs to be transferred directly into 3ds max for animating, then rendering as images or output to the web. The addition of combustion, for integrating live video or on-site photography and cleaner for streaming the results to a website or DVD, has helped Discreet's market share make significant recent gains.

URL: http://www.discreet.com

217.23 How Many Graphics Production Workstation Seats?

TrendWatch estimates there are just under 26,000 graphics production workstation 'seats' in U.S. corporate/industrial film & video companies. (These are workstations where daily graphics production work is done.) Knowing how many graphics production workstations there are in any market is critical for accurate planning and forecasting. Just over half of these seats are in companies with twenty or more employees: the ratio of PCs to Macs is 4 to 1. (Excerpt from the TrendWatch 2002 Visual Effects/Dynamic Media Demographic Atlas Report.)

URL: http://www.trendwatch.com/fastfacts.html

217.24 Digital Content Creation Software Market Study

Jon Peddie Research has announced "The Digital Content Creation Software Market Study." The report provides an overview of the digital content creation (DCC) software market for the following applications: 3D Modeling and Animation, Audio Editing & Compositing, Digital Video Editing & Compositing, DVD Authoring, Dynamic/Interactive Content Authoring, and Graphics & Image Editing. For the total worldwide DCC software market, historical data and a forecast is provided through 2004, as well as individual segment market shares, industry composition and a ranking of vendors in the space.

For each segment of the DCC software market, the report provides a brief overview, a discussion of influencers and segment dynamics, the industries supported by the tools, and the total realized market for 2001 and share for each segment. The report is available for $999.

Email: mailto:kathleen@jonpeddie.com

217.25 Cordless Milestone

Logitech, creator of the first cordless RF-based mouse in 1992, has recently shipped its 30 millionth cordless peripheral and has introduced a new range of devices.

217.26 Autodesk: First European AICAP Applications

Autodesk has announced the first ten European applications that have met the qualifications of the Autodesk Inventor Certified Application Program (AICAP) for Autodesk Inventor 6 software. They include sheet metal, data management, computer-aided manufacturing, productivity tools and assembly modeling applications from Germany, Finland, Italy, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom. In addition availability in their local languages, most certified applications are offered in English. An additional 90 new commercial and corporate software developers in Europe have requested the Autodesk Inventor 6 application programming interface (API) to build specialized solutions for sale or in-house use that will bring additional value and choices to Autodesk Inventor users.

URL: http://www.autodesk.com

217.27 Worth Watching: Flat Panel Display

DuPont Displays together with Universal Display Corporation (UDC) have reached a joint development agreement to create a new generation of soluble OLED materials and technology. UDC and DuPont have also executed a cross-license agreement, under which DuPont will make an initial payment to UDC and pay UDC a running royalty for products sold that utilize UDC's background phosphorescent emitter, transparent cathode and ink jet printing technologies. Based on work in phosphorescent OLED (PHOLED) technology by UDC and solution-based processing by DuPont, it is expected that the new OLED materials developed by the parties will have significant performance and cost advantages, thus enabling OLEDs to capture an increased market share in the fast growing $30 billon flat panel display market. The collaborators expect to use a third party subcontractor to manufacture materials resulting from this agreement.

URL: http://www.dupont.com
URL: http://www.universaldisplay.com

217.28 Pixar

John S Wadsworth, Jr, honorary chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia Limited, will be joining Pixar Animation Studios' Board of Directors. Mr Wadsworth joins Skip Brittenham, Ed Catmull, Joseph Graziano, Steve Jobs, Lawrence B. Levy, Joe Roth, and Larry Sonsini on Pixar's Board. To date Pixar's four films have earned more than $1.7 billion at the worldwide box office.

217.29 Kaon

Kaon Interactive Inc has announced the appointment of Jeff Melvin as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Immediately prior to joining Kaon, Mr Melvin was CEO of Rovia.

217.30 CTX International

CTX International Inc has promoted Jim Chen to president and CEO of the company. In his new role, Chen will be focusing on expanding CTX's audio/video channel business, as well as exploring new opportunities in vertical markets. Mr Chen joined CTX in 2001 as vice president of sales and marketing where he was charged with business development, and management of the sales and product marketing teams.

URL: http://www.ctxintl.com


217.31 CyberTherapy 2003

This year's theme acknowledges the increasing use of advanced technologies, including VR, in mental health, disabilities and rehabilitation. San Diego, California, USA - January 19-20, 2003.

URL: http://www.e-therapy.info

217.32 SGI VizSummit

SGI VizSummit will be held in Paris, France on February 3-5, 2003. Opening sessions include presentations by Steve Coggins, Bob Bishop and Dr Eng Lim Goh - all of SGI. Customer success stories include "Using Virtual Reality for Genome Analysis" at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development. "Science Discovery and Outreach with Collaborative Visualization" by David Hughes of SGI is sure to be fascinating. Themes include Edutainment and Museums, Astrophysics and Planetariums, Public Experiences, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Application, Biology and Medical Application and more.

URL: http://www.sgi.com

217.33 Solid Edge Global Summit

The Fifth annual Solid Edge Global Summit is set for February 19-21, 2003 at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort near Orlando, Florida. Keynotes from EDS PLM Solutions executives, Voyager Program exhibition, Solid Edge user presentations, hands-on training, business management conference, developers' conference, social activities and more is on the agenda.

URL: http://www.solidedge.com/summit

217.34 Web3D 2003 Symposium

The Web3D 2003 Symposium, the annual winter meeting of the Web3D Consortium, is scheduled for March 9-12, 2003, in Saint Malo, France. Keynote speakers are Joern Ostermann of AT&T Labs, Victor Ostromoukhov, University of Montreal, and Olivier Avaro of France Telecom.

URL: http://www.web3d.org

217.35 IEEE VR2003

IEEE VR2003: Los Angeles, USA - March 22 to 26, 2003.

URL: http://www.vr2003.org

217.36 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics

2003 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics: California, USA - April 27 to 30, 2003.

URL: http://movesinstitute.org/I3D.html
URL: http://siggraph.org/i3d

217.37 Casa'2003

The 16th International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (Casa'2003). Rutgers University - May 7-9, 2003.

URL: http://www.cbim.rutgers.edu/conferences/casa2003

217.38 Joint IPT/EGVE '03 Workshop: Call for Papers

Seventh Immersive Projection Technology Workshop together with the Ninth Eurographics Workshop on Virtual Environments in Cooperation with ACM Siggraph: May 22-23, 2003 - Zurich, Switzerland

URL: http://www.ipt-egve.ethz.ch
URL: http://www.eg.org/EG/Publications/WSPubl

217.39 Vision, Video and Graphics 2003

Vision, Video and Graphics 2003: July 10-11, 2003 - Bath, UK. The intersection of computer graphics and computer vision promises many new application areas and raises new fundamental questions. This conference is a response to this developing area, and its purpose is to promote cooperation between the graphic and vision communities. Original papers related to the following themes are invited Image based rendering (view synthesis from other images), Models from images and video, for graphics and visualization, applications, Augmented reality, Video augmented environments, Graphics models for vision applications and more. Submission deadline is March 7, 2003.

URL: http://www.cs.bath.ac.uk/vvg/

213.40 SIGGRAPH 2003

SIGGRAPH 2003, the 30th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, which will be held 27 - 31 July, in San Diego, California, USA, has issued its Call for Participation looking for both first-time and veteran contributors in three areas: presentations, experiences, and services. The presentations are Courses, Educators Program, Papers, Sketches and Applications, and Web Graphics. The experiences are Art Gallery CG03: Computer Graphics 2003, Computer Animation Festival, and Emerging Technologies: Electronic Speedway. The call is also seeking volunteers and support for services, which are GraphicsNet, International Resources, Pathfinders, and Student Opportunities.

URL: http://www.siggraph.org/s2003/cfp

For extensive information about events relevant to the European VR/i3D community, see the events pages on El.pub: for Europe: base05.htm, for the rest of the world: connone.htm

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