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Digital content RTD perspectives
Looking back - 7 years of El.pub (1)
Looking back - 7 years of El.pub (2)
Future of digital content: reader study
RTD and creative technology
Managing digital rights and content
Knowledge management
After the dot.com fall
Convergence - a done deal?
Will the semantic web work
Consolidation in publishing
Usability, WAP, and wireless
Celluloid or Silicon
XML, .NET and distributed apps
Bandwidth and publishing
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El.pub Analytic - "Looking back - 7 years of El.pub (parts 1 & 2) review how the information and entertainment services that make up digital content creation and publishing have developed over the past seven years ... part 1 ... part 2
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Electronic Publishing & Web Publishing News

Seven Years of El.pub
Data repositories NoE - interested?
VR World Congress success
FP6 Call 1 success factors
CORDIS dictionary of FP6 terminology
AgentNews software news
Bluetooth protocol analyzer
Products follow IEEE 802.11G
Credit card personalisation
British Library online delivery
Global Entertainment and Media forecasts
Java and web services
Chinese calligraphy on a mobile
M/S FrontPage using XML
Java.net - developers Java site
Parasoft SOAPtest 2.0
WebServices.Org Newsletter news
Dreamweaver web dev articles
PushToTest - web services testing
OpenURL standard trial
alphaWorks developer software
Web services architectures
Knowledge and Info. Skills Toolkit

Analytic 14 - 7 years of El.pub
EU data protection policy
Managing 3D models
Java web services developer pack
Search engine news
Safer Internet Newsletter June
IBM alpha software
Grid computing for developers
XML spec for TV listings
XML for business
Machine Perception on a Chip CFP
Scholarly EP Bibliography 49
Club of Amsterdam Newsletter
Emerging trends in IST
oXygen latest version
Semantic web for heritage resources
ELENA - European e-learning project
Radiocommunication Conf. highlights
First Monday June 2003
Modelling e-business CFP
D-Lib Magazine June 2003
Call 2 of the IST priority
Managing digital content - economics
Online advertising reconsidered
Elsevier upgrades web authoring
WSDL 1.2 drafts published
W3C semantic web tour


eRights platform wins award
Le Monde available from Dialog
Nokia trials mobile payments
PS2 expansion
Portable Play Station
Xbox expansion
Sega mobile games
Nokia N-Gage new titles
GeekTools 3.0 released
WinZip 9.0 Beta
IPv6 Forum
PC game console
eTEN programme CFP
Windows Media 9 encoder
TV over IP
Wireless databases explored
XML for Tables software
Highlights from XML Europe
Webservices report
I3 Update/Entovation News
MUSICNETWORK Thematic Network
ebXML Forum News
Apache software release news
Demands of multimedia scholarship
Research publishing - new models
Bayesian filtering for spam
History of RDF & much more ...
Web - info retrieval & extraction
Siemens invests in Realeyes 3D
Journal on Wireless Communications
MeetingWizard for design teams
Cognitive Modeling proceedings
Sony stereolithography
Educational system interoperability
Rubus to enhance Lycos
CommKit Version 1.0
Intellectual property standards
Pinnacle offers Steinberg products
eEurope standardization assessed
The TrainCom project
National IST foresight exercises
FT chooses Documentum
UDDI Version 2 is OASIS Standard
Microsoft games protected
Intellectual property and technology
Introduction to SALT
Java Developer Tools Guide
Bluetooth-enabled "eyewear" system
Storage networking interoperability
Mobile communities promoted
Charging for mobile content
Mobile Enterprise Alliance
MPEG-4 and VRML 3D Player
Web site for gamers
Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

The El.pub Weekly news service was discontinued in June 2003. This site remains online to provide:
• a useful list of interactice electronic publishing products and services with links to their providers
• links to industry associations and standards bodies
• resources relating to web, electronic and multimedia publishing including virtual reality (VR)
• an archive of news published during the 7 years the site was in operation.

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